Loose Ends and Ties that Bind

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

Loose Ends and Ties that Bind

As you can all perhaps begin to appreciate, there are things to be built up and things to be torn down, and all of it in concert.

This poses tremendous logistical challenges, especially when not everyone is aware of the need for change, the reasons for the change, nor aware of the authority backing the change.

Everyone clamoring for immediate relief and restitution must remember that this System has functioned on a “need to know” basis, often falsely claiming that these criminal activities were issues of “National Security” — without, however, explaining which “nation” and whose actual “security” was the cause of concern.

The workers implementing this vast web of lies and deceits are for the most part Useful Idiots, who have lived their entire lives within the confines of a highly compartmentalized “box”— doing what they are told, according to whatever assumptions they can derive.

My Readers know that when the banks advertise “Home Loans” they are soliciting us to loan them the use of our homes and other property assets so that they can make a profit —- not offering to loan us anything of theirs.

My Readers know that they don’t have a mortgage — the State of State organizations have mortgages that we are being enslaved to pay off for them, while they retain “title” to homes and lands that are ours, not theirs.

Just this morning I received a letter from an IRS Agent who has attempted to assume a “normal course of business” and that collecting taxes is a necessary evil and that the entire change that FDR implemented never happened. In her mind, home loans are cash loans made to people who are borrowers, who are then obligated to pay these “home loans” back. In her mind, taxes are collected to pay for government services.

She is operating in a mental state and under a system of assumptions that are almost a hundred years out of date.

She’s a Useful Idiot.

And there are millions of people like this, who are good enough people — they just don’t have a clue. They all have to be contacted and re-educated and the rights, remedies, and reliefs have to be booted up and exemptions exercised ….and so much other work has to be done…. and guess who gets to do it?

You and me, Brother.

So don’t worry or let your hearts be troubled. Just rise up every morning and do your best. We are the change we want to see in the world, every single one of us. Awaken the millions and the slumbering Giant will make quick work of turning all these lemons into lemonade.

I am here, working double-time, and we are all making progress. The DOD is responsible for issuing the proper ID’s and Kurt Kallenbach has nailed them, if not to a cross to something solid enough to bear their weight in gold. All this takes time and effort, folks. Be patient. Keep working. Go Forward. Work on the issues that you know about in your own lives and work together.

A small group of dedicated people focused upon exercising and retaining exemptions and rights that are already guaranteed to them, is more than sufficient to move any mountain in sight.

Forward, ho!!!!


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