50 year landing on the Moon | by Robert-Dean:House

I get two birds with one stone here.  One in response to Andrew Hoyt and another to my local radio host, Chuck Britten of 104.9 in Punta Gorda, Florida.
I flew from Calf. to Hawaii and back to Calf. in the late ’80s and at 33 thousand feet I could see coverture of the stratosphere and three times from Hawaii to South Korea the stratosphere was still there with its curve.  I explained this to Andrew in one of our phone conversations and also about gravity and magnetism as being two of the forces that bind all things to the earth.  However, in my haste, I failed to mention a third force known as centrifugal force.
Both of these gentlemen spoke of the Moon landing and NASA’s part, as in acting, of the airing of that supposed historic event.
Here are my questions to the believers of that event which my jury is still in deliberation on.
1.  If in fact, we did land on the moon, why have we not gone back?
2.  If we have gone back, what means were used to get there?
3.  If we have gone back, why was it not reported to us on the local news?
4.  If we have gone back, why is NASA keeping it a secret?
And on the other hand:
5.  If we did not land on the moon, then why the big lie?
6.  If we did not land on the moon, then we could not return to the moon?
7.  In true photos taken of the event, one scene, as in a tell-a-vision show, the sun is casting a shadow in two different directions.
8. NASA has been getting billions of dollars.  Where is this funding going?
9  Did NASA create the elusion of the landing to keep the funding coming or for other reasons?
10.  The reason there are no constant trips to the moon colonies is because there are none, unless NASA is not telling us of them, then why?
As most good reporters know, one question can lead to many more, but why is it that no one is interested enough to ask these questions and getting an honest answer?
Yes, Andrew, you have some good concerns that deserve to be answered.  And Chuck, you are very entertaining within the programming field.
I will forward this to you both.
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