Demand Congress take action to prevent war with Iran | by Robert-Dean:House

If a man will not exchange the lives of 50 people for a drone which was sent to provoke Iran by those who want war, why would he go to war?  Ask yourself this question.  Why war with Iran?  Answer:  Because they are not a member of the U.N. and run their country with their own gold and silver backed currency.  The powers that wish to be can not have this.  Just like Libya did and what did they get for it.  Think man. Many of the members of Congress are traitors trying to get the POTUS to do the wrong things and then pin it on him.  These are people who claim to be representatives of the United States.  Their own title 28 of the USC ss3002 page two paragraph 15 identifies the United States as a Federal Corporation and if you are a citizen of the United States, you are a slave under them.


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