Mothers are TRICKED into federalizing their newborns

by Lee <>

An Inside look at the real world USA matrix.
The government keeps the Certificate of Live Birth and
gives the mother a Certificate of Birth. 
This is a certificate of the death and rebirth of the newborn
into the federal tax system via a fictitious creation of
the new name in all capital letters (Strawman) with an assigned SSN.
Christian names are spelled with upper and lower, or all lower case letters:
Mary Marie Jones, mary marie jones
John Paul Jones, john paul jones
A deep dive into the legal matrix, quite mind-blowing.
There may be other related docs at
Try a search on terms.
There are a number of groups that assist with dealing
with the legal matrix.  Anyone desiring to come out of
the matrix would be wise to connect with knowledgeable
and skilled people.  Unless a spouse is on-board, it can
create a huge reality gulf and max stress. Tread carefully.
If you are having mortgage foreclosure issues, contact the
first group below.
Likely others.
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