Tell the Truth … or a class action suit may be called

By Robert-Dean:House

More information has come to light about the State’s business with Auto Dealership Corporations and Manufacture Corporations.

Several weeks ago I made phone contact with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. After the usual runaround, I got a woman on the line and went straight to the question. Do you know about the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (the MSO)?

To my surprise, she said yes. I then asked her if I could get a copy of one for my truck.

She had to contact her supervisor. She returned to the phone with another phone number to contact for that information.

I then asked her name in case I needed to call her back for additional information. She gave me her first name and stated that it was against policy to give her last name. I then asked for the phone number from which she was talking on so I could get back to her and she stated that that too was against policy. (No paper trail).

Later that day I called the number she gave me and got the answering service 360. I was not surprised.

A couple weeks ago I called General Motors via 1-800-222-1020 and got a man named Gene as he spelled it out. He asked for my name and address when I interrupted him and said all I needed was a copy of the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin for my truck, vin. number _____. He then asked where it was originally purchased. I stated I could not tell for I had gotten it from another person who may have gotten it from another, etc. He then went into a lot of excuses and directions, that I had to stop him and instruct him to email me so we can converse further. I gave him my email address for which he confirmed by reading it back to me.

On July 24, I got an email from General Motors wanting me to fill out a survey. I responded with, “I have not gotten an answer to my request of a copy of the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin for my truck, vin. Number_____, and if I did not receive it, I would go after the CEO via an affidavit of fraud under common law.”

It is all about the money folks. The State Corporation is in contract with the Manufactures Corporations and the Dealership Corporations by way of corporate Statutes.

The States allow the Manufacture to do business providing that they place each vehicle created under a copyright number, (vehicle identification number, vin.) on a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin. The State then requires the Manufacture to ship the vehicles to the Dealerships for sale to the public. The Dealership, under a license to sell from the State via statutes, requires the Dealership to send the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin to the State upon sale. The State, as the owner then sends the buyer/renter, a citizen of the corporation, a Certificate of Title and a yearly rental-charge of that vehicle via its registration and tag.

This is one of the biggest frauds committed against all automobile buyers.

I am a victim of this fraud three times at this moment. Each and every one of us needs to take steps via an affidavit of truth in reference to this fraud against our knowledge. Or, maybe, start a class action suit.

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