The Dogons — Part 2

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The Dogons — Part 2

Having read “The Dogons — A Tale of Gross Ingratitude” you are no doubt having some uncomfortable stirrings and are making some odd associations.

Here we are, talking about the Dogons — the (according to the priests of Dogon) First Born of God water-breathing embryonic beings that make our development as fetuses possible and which innocently die when we are born, thereby “sacrificing themselves so that we might live” and providing a “Eucharist” of blood to save us —- and where have we heard something like that before?

Oh, yes, Jesus is called the “firstborn of God” and he, too, is innocent. He, too, sacrifices himself so that we might live and be saved. He, too, provides a Eucharist of blood….. It’s the same story, only this time, the hero isn’t an unknown “brother in the womb” but a separate living man. In the Christian story, God not only draws the sperm and egg together and ignites them in a creative act of combining, but he also contributes the sperm himself.

It’s hard to tell who is who and which story is which with all this hybridization going on, fish-men X men, and men X God, which by implication means fish-men X men X God —- to give what? An entirely new kind of being that has been “brought forth” and hybridized at both the physical and the spiritual levels.

And what happens to the fish-man part of us after we are born as air-breathing babies?

Well, he is checked into the hospital — admitted by the doctor’s signature and identified by Your Name: First, Middle, Last.

He — the water-breathing Amnion, composed of fetal afterbirth materials and organs, the purported “First Born of God” and purported Heir to the Divine Estate, then dies upon exiting the womb, and of course, “he” dies intestate, giving rise to the “infant decedent estate”.

Thanks to my background in ancient religions and Kurt Kallenbach’s research we now have the whole story and the evidence to bust this religious cult, Mystery (aka Eucharist) Babylon, once and for all.

They weigh the dead water-breathing Amnion in metric units, identify “him” using your First-Middle-Last, as a Territorial United States Ward of the State of State —say, State of California, register his death and send his estate to probate. When “his” estate emerges from probate it is declared “abandoned” property and the Pope — running the Municipal United States — claims the abandoned estate as public property belonging to the Civil (not Civilian) Government.

And, Presto -Change-O! — by magic (of the black kind) there is the “Missing Person” Cestui Que Vie Trust operated as YOUR NAME: FIRST MIDDLE LAST, out of Puerto Rico, under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. The Missing Person isn’t you. It’s your Amnion, the water-breathing fish-man that these freaks claim “died for you” and which was according to them, the First Born of God, the Heir of the Kingdom, who “sacrificed himself” for you.

There are several points to be made. First and foremost is that your unique DNA is your unique DNA and the Amnion that results from the Act of God (that is, sex act in their religion) is merely a physical apparatus derived from and directed by your DNA, like a caterpillar’s cocoon, to expedite your exodus across the Red Sea (of blood) and arrival on the Promised Land.

The Amnion has no existence or personality of its own. It is not a viable living being and would never exist apart from your existence. You and your unique —and as Kurt says— “species-specific” DNA, is, in fact, the Creator of the Amnion and once you claim your Zygote and DNA, you naturally claim everything that derives from the Zygote and your unique combination of DNA — including the Amnion whether it is alive or dead, with you or separated from you.

You, as Kurt Kallenbach points out, began with fertilization— not with emergence from the womb. We have a Fertilization Date, not a “birthday”, and not a “birth date”, either.

Also according to the Old Testament, Jeremiah 1:5, our actual beginning pre-dates all of this: we were actually created and known by the Living God prior to us being “formed” in our Mother’s womb.

These are the biological facts and we can stand on science for our claim to be the legitimate owner of all property including ESTATES derived from our DNA; and, we can also rely on Jeremiah, if we are Jew, Christian, or Muslim, to rebut the lies being used to justify these outrageous claims about our Amnion and “his” purported ESTATE.

The Roman Catholic Church is well and truly busted as the reptile-worshiping religion of Mystery Babylon. The Queen is also busted for allowing this to go on. So are FDR and the actual citizenry of “the” United States busted for criminal Breach of Trust, Fraud, and Unlawful Conversion resulting in identity theft, grand larceny, and proxy genocide.

Meantime, back at the hospital….

They destroy the evidence and burn the remains of the Amnion in an incinerator, thus “he” truly does become a “Missing Person”.

The Territorial Government issues you a Birth Certificate, a proof of ownership and receipt owed to the “spoliated owner” that they are obligated to give you under Article 38 of the Lieber Code and the international Hague Conventions.

You, the baby, are never admitted to the hospital at all. There is no record of you being there. Your name is never recorded as yours. The only name involved is the First Middle Last name that your parents contributed as their intellectual property and which the hospital administrators attached to the dead Amnion, not you.

As Kurt Kallenbach pointed out in his recent lecture series, we all have the Mother of All Law Suits for damages against every hospital and hospital administrator in the United States, every doctor, every nurse and administrative aide who has been an accomplice to this grotesque fraud scheme.

We also have just cause to go after the Pope, his minions and supporters, the Queen, for her part in this, and all the politicians and generals who have either stood by like dumb cattle or who have knowingly participated in this fraud, this genocide on paper, against the American People.

As this profane and ridiculous system of lies has been applied to most countries and to most people worldwide, we all have cause to stand up and listen. These heretical cultists have spawned a worldwide crime network right under our noses, the principal part of which is a false claim that we voluntarily abandoned the poor, dead, purported sacrificial victim, the Amnion, and thereby refused and abandoned our connection to our Divine Heritage.

May we all throw up now, or wait for later?


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