The Lion and the Crocodile

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The Lion and the Crocodile

People ask me how I can continue in the face of such apparently monolithic deceit, evil, and ignorance.

Have you ever had to clean a really, truly filthy garage?

By the time you are a great-grandmother you have dealt with a great many unsavory tasks and daunting situations. My attitude is–get out the mop and bucket.

That’s what needs to be done and there’s no help for it and nobody to do it, but us— you, me, and all the other folk who call ourselves Americans.

Can the Chinese do it for us without starting WWIII? The Russians? The Germans? The Brits?

Sorry, no, they all have their own Mess to deal with.

There are things that you have to do all by yourself, and though others may lend support– you are the one that has to go front and center.

So, here we go, over the top.

There is another, deeper, reason, too.

Ever seen a face-off or a fight between a lion and a crocodile?

The lion wins. He retains his title as the King of the animals. Why?

Because he knows the Crocodile’s secret.

The crocodile has unbelievably powerful jaws when biting down, but very little strength to open his jaws in the first place.

The lion uses his forepaws to keep the crocodile’s mouth shut and drives his own powerful teeth into the crocodile’s throat.

We are lions of God.


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