An Unavoidable Realization

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

An Unavoidable Realization

What if people have been taught to call themselves “Christian” just as they have been taught to call themselves “US Citizens” —- to their own detriment? What if the whole concept of “Christ” versus Jesus is just another substitution fraud?

How else to explain how many “Christians” do nothing toward imitating Jesus, and make no real effort to follow his teachings?

How else to explain the ugly doctrine of transubstantiation, which would have us believe that we are drinking the actual blood of Jesus from a Communion cup? Cannibalism? Blood-drinking? In the Church? Really?

How else to explain the gross commercialism of going to “confession”, paying a fine, going out the next week and committing the same sins, going to confession, paying a fine —– over and over again, with no change in heart or action?

Why leave Jesus hanging on the cross as a crucifix, instead of declaring that the suffering is over and the deed is done?

What if the confusion of The Kingdom of Heaven with “The Kingdom of God” is the same sort of deliberate substitution and deceit as substituting “the State of Wisconsin” for The State of Wisconsin?

What if the confusion of the Roman Catholic Church with the Universal Catholic Church is also deliberate? A matter of usurpation? Just as “the” United States of America has masqueraded as The United States of America?

What if the deliberate use of the endearment “Father” applied to Catholic priests is a knowing insult to our Father in Heaven? A turning away from the Heavenly Father in favor of an earthly one—-with feet of clay, no less?

Substituting the “civil” government for the “civilian” government?

Substituting the “boat” — the amnion — for the baby?

It’s all part of the same thing. Deceit. Deception. Fraud for gain. This is the Kingdom of Satan in our midst, with all its glitter and emptiness, its cruelty and oppression of Mankind — and it is not just limited to the “Christian” Churches.

All these airy-fairy “belief” systems with all their arbitrary man-made codes and traditions and obligations attempt to ignore and evade and side-step and misinterpret the profoundly simple and inexorable laws of the Living God.

Yet all the cruel deceits and lies fade away in the glorious light of the Truth, like darkness dispelled by a single candle, like a grease film removed from a dusty mirror.

This is, indeed, a spiritual and mental battle, one in which the battlefield is our own mind and heart, a battle in which we are tested not for our brute strength, but our ability to discern the truth and make corrections accordingly.

There is a brief scene in the movie “Secondhand Lions” in which Hub McCann tells his Grandnephew a profound truth —- we should believe in things that are worth believing in, the things that are good and right and true.

Our choices may be somewhat flawed, we might occasionally swallow a “whopper”, but if we hold our religious and political beliefs to that standard, the deceits of Satan will fall. The self-interest and dishonesty will be exposed. The excuses made for violence and cruelty and lust and selfishness will be shown up for what they are.

We should reject anything that isn’t good, and right, and true. Regardless of tradition. Regardless of indoctrination. Regardless of “what we’ve been told”. Or how many generations of mankind have been fooled by these fakirs.

America, sadly, is not the land of the free. It is the land of the enslaved.

We have been enslaved by gullibility and ignorance, deliberately dumbed down and trained to be good for nothing but gun fodder and emptying bedpans. That’s the fact.

But it’s not where we start from, folks. It’s where we end up that counts.

We have begun a process that is as inexorable as rain falling and the sun rising, a process of awakening, of seeing—- and ultimately, a process of taking action against these evils in our midst.


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