The Big Billy Goat Gruff

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The Big Billy Goat Gruff

Remember the story? It was one of my favorites. There is a troll who lives under the bridge. (The Roman Pontiff. Literally.) This troll eats unwary goats and sheep passing over the bridge.

So, first, the Little Billy Goat Gruff gets caught by the troll and pleads for his life, saying, hey, my brother is coming soon. He’s much bigger and tastier than me. The troll sits back and decides to wait for the Middle Billy Goat Gruff, and the same thing happens— hey, wait a minute, my brother will be here in a few minutes and he is much bigger and tastier than me…..

Again, the troll waits, slavering in anticipation. Finally, the Big Billy Goat Gruff arrives and bounces the troll right off of the bridge, passes freely over to the other side, and joins his brothers. The end.

Okay, folks, your actual given family name is the Big Billy Goat. It is the “Person in Being” — Joseph Blow. Just your first name and last name, printed just the way you did it in Grade School, Upper and Lower Case.

The Middle Billy Goat is your Lawful Person: Joseph Alphonse Blow, when he is standing on the land, or could be your Legal Person— also called Joseph Alphonse Blow, when out on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

The Little Billy Goat(s) are all the Municipal PERSONS named after you — JOSEPH A. BLOW, JOSEPH BLOW, JOS. BLOW, etc.., which are easiest for the monsters from under the bridge to snack on.

So naturally, these “trolls” who live “under the bridge” attack the easiest prey first — all the Municipal Corporations that they have concocted and named after you. Ah, but you are exempt under Title 50, Section 7, Subsections c and e, of the 2012 version — which you are grandfathered-into, if you were alive in 2012.

Oh, Mr. Troll, there has been a mistake…..

So trot on over the bridge and start grazing…..

Ah, but here comes your Middle Billy Goat, your Lawful/Legal Person, and the trolls come out and try to attack him, too, but you say —-

Oh, Mr. Troll…. the Doctor at the hospital made a mistake…. Joseph Alphonse Blow is the name of my Lawful Person, and as you can see, the Earth is solid under my feet….

And now we come to the best part of the story, when the Big Billy Goat arrives.

“Oh, Mr. Troll, I am Joe Blow, a man from Minnesota, and heir to everything in sight, including the land under my feet. I am a Third Party, a civilian native to this country, and not the Subject Matter of any corporation or US military protectorate.”

Ka-thunk! Splash!

That’s the sound of your actual family name, knowledgeably applied, hitting the Bar Attorneys squarely in the gut, followed by the sound of them landing where they belong — in the water and headed out to sea.

Now, you are dealing with trolls and trolls will be what trolls are. Bear that in mind and avoid bridges whenever possible. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Know whether you are a Little Billy Goat Gruff in Municipal Court or a Middle Billy Goat Gruff in Territorial Court or….. the Big Billy Goat Gruff holding your own sovereign court proceeding.

Strange as it seems, plain old Martin Hansen, hand-printed like a kid in Grade School, Upper and Lower Case, is the Big Kahuna. For most people in any kind of court situation, this is the name to use. All other names associated with you derive from it. This is the name of the Being in Possession.

It is neither wise nor necessary to belabor all the various names and jurisdictions. When the Recorder calls out, “Is Martin H. Hanson here?”

“No, but Martin Hanson is.”

Smile. If you listen closely, you will hear sphincters closing all over the court building.

Some of us have our reasons for dilly-dallying with the other names and jurisdictions, but 90% of the people reading this and being forced to cross such a bridge would be better served by cutting to the chase.

Martin Hanson — Being in Possession

Martin Alan Hanson — can stand for a Lawful Person on the land, or a Legal Person on the Sea; they always try to interpret it as a Legal Person, but you can rebut that and they are self-evidently in dry-dock.

MARTIN ALAN HANSON, MARTIN A. HANSON, MARTIN HANSON – Municipal corporations of one kind or another.

Martin Hanson is the rightful owner of all these entities, but he has to claim them and declare their domicile on the land and soil of one of the actual physically-defined States of the Union, before his “presumed” names are ever called to court.


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