Big Legged Man

Big Legged Man by Robert-Dean:House
Along with Kurt Kallenbach’s description of the “House”, I have factually concluded that if a property owner who has no property payments to a third party but applies to the BLM, who are members of the “House”, for the land patent, the BLM will not give a proper response.  Why?   The property owner is also a member of the “House” unless the property owner declares his/her status as a non-citizen via affidavit first.  Remember, an affidavit under common law has precedence over those within the “House” operating under statute law.  The affidavit is the ticket that transfers a citizen of the “House”, into being the king of his own land.  After the affidavit has been properly completed and placed into the public record, etc., then the owner can change and supersede the counties deed with an allodial title via land patent.    WDYT?  Please reply.  Robert <>
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