When will enough be enough 

VA Police.jpg

When will enough be enough 
Veteran Affairs Police.  by Robert-Dean:House
On 08-01-19, I stopped to do business at a local Port Charlotte, Fl. business and noticed next door at a restaurant a veterans police car like the one in this photo.
I noticed the tags read, “Federal Government “.
As a past Deputy Sheriff for Charlotte county, I was shocked at what I saw next.  Two officers came out of the restaurant and both were heavily armed, firearm, mace, tasers, etc. and full body armor.
Port Charlotte has one small V.A. clinic in a building that is being rented and the parking lot is a public parking lot with many other non-V.A. clinics.
Why the Heavily armed Police?  Then I went to the computer site, Videos of Veterans Affairs Police, the one of the L.A. Veteran where a man filming the arrest was also a witness to the mans supposed assault on another veteran. I could not watch it all.  You decide.
For more information, you can go to another site, United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police.
Note: “United States”  This is the Federal Corporation under title 28, ss 3002 page 2, paragraph 15.  The very corporation that has taken over Congress and why the conflict between the President of The United States of America, both are different corporations and they intend to use us to get what they want.
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