Payment Bond – AMRI00003 RA393427653US / Certified Original Copy #1 / by: Riesinger Anna Maria / January 6, 2017

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Bill of Lading

In His Service as a Bondswoman of Jesus of Nazareth, a Nazorean, recognizing despite the victory at Golgotha and the end of the separation between God and man, Mankind has been entrapped by the false-ness of descriptive language and the illusions and vanity of temporary life and once again is in danger of destruction resulting from Satanic deceptions including the practice of naming Men and Beasts and the practice of idolatry, the worship of idols, words and labels and numbers and graven images in which Men have placed their faith instead of our Father, I appear as my Master’s Fiduciary Deputy, to settle all these accounts.

It is beyond the ability of Men to contest with Angels, but not beyond the ability of God in Man to triumph, and so that all Creation may know that no creation is greater than its Creator, I proclaim the everlasting Triumph and Glory of our Father in Heaven and require of Satan and the Roman Pontiff the release from debt and acquittal of all Mankind, now and forevermore, for all their debts have been pre-paid, and all illusions and separations have been overcome.

Once, we dwelled in darkness and lived under the laws of Noah mere creatures and things devoid of conscience; but as the Red Sea was parted long ago so that Man could walk upon the Land and Moses led them, we declare that we have walked through the Red Sea and have lived under the Law of the Land, and so, too, Jesus, the Nazorean, has parted the veil of Death and led us to the Kingdom of Heaven and we declare that we have become the Children of God and abide under the Law of Heaven and neither we nor any part of us or any representation of any of us is bound by any other Law.

We have returned to Life, to have and give abundantly, free of debt and war and all blasphemy against our Father that there is any scarcity at all and we require from Satan the keys of the world so that all may be transformed according to the Victor’s Will. I have posted the indemnity bonds against the ACCOUNTS held against my vessel’s name for the American states and people and all other claims of men and women throughout the world as we remember the Truth that all debts have been forgiven and all our debts are pre-paid.

Anna Maria daughter of Emmett and LaVera / Grace the daughter of Truth and Truth

“For where two or more of you are gathered, there I also am.” ( Christ Jesus, Surety #1 )


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