Letter of Severance for Roman Catholics

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Letter of Severance for Roman Catholics

A great many Catholics are beyond mere dismay, disappointment, confusion, or hurt. They have recognized the grotesque pollution of the Roman Catholic Church by Pagan Rome and its misuse as a tool and storefront for criminals and their activities. Numerous Catholics have written to me and called, as they know I am sympathetic to them and their dilemma. What to do?

Doing the right thing in their system of belief, requires endangering their immortal souls. They must excommunicate themselves from the Church in protest of its evils and mis-administration. They have basically come to the same conclusion as Martin Luther did, five hundred years ago.

The peace negotiated with the Emperor Constantine via the Council of Nicea cost far too much. It has led to tampering with the scriptures, misrepresentation of the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, establishment of a foreign Roman Patriarchy within the fabric of the Church, substitution of “Christ” for Jesus, and a weird in-tandem relationship with Satan’s Kingdom via the Office of the Roman Pontiff (finally dissolved in 2011) and the incorporation of the Vatican City State functions.

Like countless Protestant Churches, the Roman Catholic Church has made itself a corporation, not a church, not a community of people —- only a dead representation of such a community composed of “persons”, instead.

In addition to this heresy, which is clearly contraindicated by numerous scriptural warnings and directives related to the sin of impersonation, the Church leadership has sheltered a mentality of endless tolerance for sin of every kind, with the result that sin has flourished and those opposing it, have been chastised. Various forms of perversion have been sheltered in the Church, including the idolatry of Mystery Babylon, which involves the worship of money, sodomy, pedophilia, vampirism, temple prostitution, and cannibalism.

The Church leadership has allowed and encouraged the use of fictional “money” and other devices of an illusory nature, indicating that they are deceived by or in league with the Father of All Lies.

Faced with all this, what can an earnest, sincere, and devoted Believer do?

You can write Letters of Protest demanding reform, addressed to the Pope, the Archbishops and Cardinals.

You can withdraw your support in terms of money and time donated, until such time as the Church reforms itself.

And if you are utterly fed up, as many will be, when everyone learns that even our souls have been “certificated” and bought and sold as commodities by these incorporated “churches” — you can follow the inexorable logic of the situation — and write a Letter of Severance:

“Dear Archbishop ____________:

I find myself in a crisis of conscience, no longer able to put my faith in an institution which has failed me and millions of other people in such an epic fashion.

I draw your attention to evil doctrines which have been adopted and practiced by the Church, including the Doctrine of Transubstantiation which would have us acting as vampires, believing that we are drinking the actual blood of Jesus, and the Doctrine of Discovery which has already been thoroughly discredited.

The Doctrine of Collective Entities is another atrocity against life and reason, promoting the idea that men are the same as corporations, and that we and our Good Names may be abused with the same impunity as legal fictions made of nothing but hot air and paper.

I object and take exception to all practices of the Church issuing “Certificates of Baptism” and then buying and selling our souls for profit; this was certainly never disclosed to me nor to my parents or anyone else in our community, and it is not anything that we have knowingly allowed nor participated in. Any contract with the Devil thus presumed to exist as a result of these actions by the Church leadership, is null and void.

I joined the Roman Catholic Church wanting to be part of a community of Believers committed to the teachings of Jesus and to imitation of his example. Instead, I find myself involved in an association which is not appropriate for me and acting in support of an organization which does not embrace my values; therefore, I am severing all and any relationship with the Church of Rome and with the Roman Catholic Church.

Remove my name from the membership rolls and do whatever you can to correct, cleanse, and reform the operations of a Church that is no longer mine; strive to bring your practices and doctrines into alignment with truth, with the scripture, and with the teachings of Jesus. If not, it will not be my immortal soul in danger of Perdition.



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