To all L.E.O.’s

Make the right decisions or get out.  by Robert-Dean:House
Law Enforcement Officers are not Peace Officers, they are Enforcers of Statutes, codes, etc. for a Corporation and they follow the commands of those who are over them without question.
One example of a good Peace Officer is when a superior tells the subordinate to get more tickets during his shift in order to create more revenue, the subordinate asks if we have a quota?  The superior replies, no but it shows activity.  So the subordinate Peace Officer, upon the end of his shift turns in his activity tickets, all as written warnings.  No revenue under fraud and deceit but lots of activity.
To those three guards, L.E.O.’s, who were involved with Epstein’s death.  Do you really think that you did the right thing?  Your directors, (superiors), are not going to let you ever escape them.  They will destroy you and tie up all lose ends.  That is what they do to their subordinates.  They rarely accept the blame and will always place it on a subordinate.
Oh!  And why do I say three guards?  one to watch at the door and two to give him a lift.  And those that sent you, but not in the room, are also responsible.
To the rest of the L.E.O.’s across this country.  Do what is right and protect the guilty as well as the innocent.  If this is too much for you then get out of the business and have the faith in yourself that you can find another job and that you can do anything you set your mind to without hurting others.  Those standing down to the masked groups must know that this is wrong.  Had I been one of you, I would have quit when I heard of the stand-down order.
Now to the elite who think that they buried the witness, think again.  Epstein gave testimony via affidavits of truth and under common law when you are served and you do not answer to the affidavit, it will stand as truth and then it will be, “checkmate”.
“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”


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