Sign In America Debt Relief Program — August 16, 2019

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August Progress Report


Debt Relief

Coming Your Way

The Sign In America Debt Relief Program is now wrapping up Round 1 of our Debt Relief Program.

As we complete the final stages of Round 1, all of the Sign In America Coordinators are excited and getting ready to begin Round 2!

For those people who were not in Round 1, you will need to prepare your package to send to your Sign In America Coordinator. Your package should include the following:

1) All of your recorded documents from # 928Basic Package of Editable Forms

2) Your single most critical, urgent debt that needs to be addressed. It is preferable that the statement includes a payment voucher, but if the statement doesn’t have one, we may still be able to process it. It would also be helpful for you to include a self-addressed envelope with postage already provided for the Coordinator to return the receipt to you.

We will notify you via this newsletter when Round 2 begins. You will then receive an email from your Sign In America Coordinator with instructions on where to send your package.

Round 1 clients have been assigned a Sign In America Coordinator and should have already provided paperwork. If you are still in process, we need you to complete the process prior to Round 2 starting.

As a reminder, the types of debt we are able to help with are in the form of: mortgages, property tax, personal tax, credit cards, loans such as car loans and student loans.

As a reminder, please note that this is a program that allows you to make purchases. It also does not handle monthly bills such as power, water, phone, internet, fuel, etc. Those types of bills will be handled by a future program that Anna Von Reitz and her team are working on.

For both Round 1 and Round 2 Sign In America Clients, our Team is looking forward to working with you!

As we move forward, your Coordinator will continue to work with you to have additional debt discharged, but it will be in cycles, due to the fact that we have to adhere to a strict schedule to ensure that the system continues to function and doesn’t get overloaded, which will not help anyone.

Please keep in mind that this is a slow process. It takes 2-6 months for the check that is made out to the DEBTOR CORPORATION to arrive from the United States Treasury. Once you submit your statement, you will receive a receipt and a cover letter from Sign In America. If you are facing a foreclosure, a court case or some other legal proceeding, by law, the legal process should cease once they receive the receipt.

Many of you have sent emails requesting the Training Program. The Training Program is still in development, and rest assured that you will be notified when it is ready for your use.

Please help build our common law communities and State Assemblies. Help educate a friend, neighbor, a veteran, or family member about the Political Correction Process and Sign In America

Give thanks to Anna and her team by sending a donation to continue the important work they are doing. Paypal address is: Snail mail donations should be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Kindest Regards,
Sign In America Team


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