No Pledge of Allegiance

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

No Pledge of Allegiance

Generations of American schoolchildren have been pushed to learn (and recite by heart) something taught to them as “The Pledge of Allegiance”. They are never told what a “pledge” is, much less the hidden meaning of this odd observance— and the fact that no American should ever recite it for any reason.

A “pledge” is an ancient feudal act offering a promise of material interest and subservience to a monarch.

It has nothing to do with America nor with our lawful government.

This will come as a great shock to many, but The Pledge of Allegiance is literally un-American.

The only monarch seeking such pledges is the British Monarch, usurping upon our States and our People, and seeking voluntary conversion and subjection of ourselves and our property assets to the Queen.

So that is what The Pledge of Allegiance is all about — agreeing to act as a British Territorial “Citizen” and agreeing to subject yourself and your property to the mercies of the British Queen, instead of claiming your birthright as an American.

The Pledge of Allegiance is just another filthy British scheme to get their hands into our pockets, and their names on the receiving end of our credit— and that is all it has ever been.

It’s difficult to tell that to men and women who have, in mindless good faith and trust, recited this “allowance” of unlawful conversion since childhood —- but the facts are the facts.

Getting you to recite “The Pledge of Allegiance” without full disclosure is just another excuse being offered by the Brits to the rest of the world, trying to build a case that we gave them our permission to seize upon us and our assets and that we voluntarily accepted British rule —- when nobody ever told you what a pledge was, nor the effect of it.

Look at it for what it is —- “I” —- this can only mean the Speaker, which is you, the man or woman reciting this.

“Pledge” —- ancient feudal act subjecting oneself to a monarch.

“Allegiance” — a status of subservience to a monarch;

“to the United States of America” —- and which “United States of America” is it referring to? Oh, the British Territorial version, of course.

“and to the Republic for which it stands” —- and since when do we have “a” Republic in this country? We have had fifty republican states, but that does not “a” Republic make.

No, the only thing that can be construed as “a” Republic is the Washington, DC international city-state oligarchy, attempting to substitute its municipal government as the civilian government owed to this country.

“one nation under God” — but, wait a minute, our government observes the strict separation of church and state! What’s going on here? Turns out that it’s a foreign government being represented, the Theocracy of the Roman Catholic Church running the Municipal Governments worldwide.

“indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” — but, wait! Our States are independent States. Obviously, they have their own character and government. And what is this thing called “liberty”? We are to inherit freedom….. not liberty.

Liberty is what British sailors get when they reach port.

The Pledge of Allegiance, far from serving any patriotic purpose, seeks to justify the undermining and dismantling of our own lawful government to benefit the Municipal United Government representing itself as “a” Republic and the British Territorial Government doing business under our Delegated Power and under our name as “the United States of America” — Incorporated.

These two foreign governmental services providers are seeking to benefit themselves at the expense of your lawful government and you, and every time that you or anyone else says this Pledge of Allegiance you are nailing yourselves and your country more firmly to this cross of European Fraud and Deceit.

When people trot out The Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of any public function or meeting, they are — knowingly or unknowingly — serving Notice that you are in the right church, but the wrong pew. Your British and Papist Public Servants are conducting your business “for” you, and when you recite their Pledge of Allegiance, you are subjecting yourself and your assets to their administration.

You are agreeing to serve the Queen and the Theocracy ruling the Municipal Government of Washington, DC. Both. And pay taxes to both. And when the rest of the world sees Americans stupidly reciting their agreement to all this, what is the rest of the world to think?

If it is not your intention to give away your assets and subject yourself politically to the Queen and the Pope, then it is high time that you learned what The Pledge of Allegiance is and what it implies.

Far from being American or patriotic or any kind of good thing at all for any American, The Pledge of Allegiance is a form of entrapment and Unconscionable Contract, a power-grab and justification for the British Government and the Municipal Government — the old, ugly “Holy Roman Empire” — to come in here and pillage and plunder.

Stop being your own worst enemies. Wise up. Take a stand. Declare your birthright political status. Join your State Assemblies — go to — and learn what is going on and why.

If you care about your future, the future of your children, your country, your world, or anything else —- listen to what I am telling you. And if you don’t believe me, go take the time to look up the legal meaning of these words for yourself —- then you will know for certain that the wolf is not only at the door, but in the house.

After the small ceremony installing me as a Justice of the Peace, I went home to my hotel room and thought I would read my daily portion of the Bible before going to sleep. Instead of the pages I intended, Psalm 119 presented itself to me.

Yesterday, I went out to buy some used bookshelves for The Living Law Firm. It turned out that the seller was a Christian bookshop in the process of remodeling. That became my opportunity to look for a new Family Bible. In the evening, I sat down to read from it for the first time, and again, the book seemed to open by itself— this time to Jeremiah 51.

Jeremiah 51 is the Great Condemnation against the Chaldeans and Babylon, one after another. First, the Chaldeans are chastised — the Germans. Next, the Babylonians are destroyed — those who sit upon the many waters, the jurisdiction of the sea — a worldwide hegemony.

The Chaldeans survive, but Babylon is slated for utter and permanent destruction.

Think about that. There is only one glimmer of hope, and that is that they will repent their crimes and correct their government. This was confirmed again this morning by Ezekial 45:9, which rebukes the princes of Israel for their violence and plundering and tells them to “stop dispossessing my people”.

This is exactly what is happening here — Americans are being dispossessed by fraud and guile, and it is being done via racketeers plundering us under color of law.

As I look around the world, it’s clear that the same thing is being done all over, in every country I can think of. And all this violence is being driven by mindless greed, at the behest of men and women who already have more than they can ever spend in a hundred lifetimes.

Psalm 119 is the lament of the Justices of the Peace confronting this lawlessness and falsehood. Jeremiah 51 is the End Cap, declaring the end for these people if they will not repent and correct. And Ezekial is the Power of the Prophets come home to roost, telling them exactly what they must do: stop the violence and plundering and dispossession. Or else.

Please notice that they have choice. God does not mandate their destruction. If it comes, they choose it themselves. This is a truth that applies to all of us.

We are called upon this day to choose life, to choose sharing, to choose what is just and good. Let us choose what is right with all our hearts and place our pleas before Our Father, because everything happens for a reason. It is no happenstance that these scriptures have come forward to me.

The hour is very late. Those who have plotted in the darkness are well-known. Those who have murdered the innocent are seen. The false leaders who have taught their employees to rob and steal, their names are written down. Those who have dealt in treachery and guile to entrap the poor with words of art and deceitful practices like “The Pledge of Allegiance” — these wrong-doers will be repaid and reap what they have sown— and not by the hand of any earthly King, but by the Living God.


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