My Ten Billion Dollar Request to the Vatican Bank

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

My Ten Billion Dollar Request to the Vatican Bank

The ten billion request I made to the Vatican Bank is only a tiny start on what The United States of America is owed.

It is/was intended to be seed money to fund the reorganization and restructure of the bankrupt corporate “county” government organizations to put them back on the land and soil and allow us to get on with the business of assembling the States and finishing the “Reconstruction” of the Federal States of States.

It is/was also supposed to fund the operations of the Office of the Fiduciary, which is responsible for recouping the assets of The United States of America which have been scattered all over the world, conducting audits on the assets and accounts owed to The United States and The United States of America, and establishing local offices where Americans can come to claim back their private property assets.

The purpose for the money was fully explained as part of the instruction I gave THEM.

As I am the Fiduciary not only for The United States of America, but for the entire world— because all the rest of it was organized based on the fraud against us and we wound up as the Title Holder— this is/was an utterly reasonable purpose and amount for the work to be done.

Kim is trying to take over my job and making up a lot of ugly stories to benefit herself and those who are managing her. It won’t help her in the end, because the truth is known and the truth will win.

Kim’s failure to fund this worthy work and her failure to fund many other things is just another indication that: (1) she is not who or what she claims to be; and (2) that she is indulging in what THEY always do —- accusing other people of being what they are themselves, and of doing the wrongs that they themselves perform.

The Vatican Bank owes us trillions of dollars because of their mismanagement of our assets and the Gross Breach of Trust that the Holy See has committed against The United States and The United States of America, both.

If they had the sense of Beagles, they would do what I requested them to do, set aside $10 billion to fund our service and assessment activities, and work hard to correct The Mess that they and the British Monarch have created not only for The United States of America, but the rest of the world as well.

You see the results. These Debtors welch on their debts, and then blame us for asking for a small, almost trivial amount of what they owe us as an initial return, so that we can resume our normal course of business, take care of long-overdue accounting functions, and provide needed services to the people of this country.

Instead, we are stuck having to bootstrap our counties and everything else on volunteer efforts and donations.

It’s just another indication of how irresponsible and criminal these people really are. They can’t even come up with a small amount toward their debt, while they continue to live in palaces.

They poor-mouth and try to excuse levying more taxes on the backs of the people they are supposed to serve, even creating the whole Global Warming Fraud as an excuse for more taxation— while they sit on and use trillions upon trillions of dollars worth of our combined assets and return virtually nothing to the actual owners.

This entire situation has to end.

As I have explained, Kim and various other people — Karen Hudes, Wolfgang Struck, etc., have been presented as “Third Party Philanthropists” — as a means of returning the assets while keeping control of the assets and also, avoiding blame for having purloined our assets in the first place.

This is unacceptable for a number of reasons, first and foremost, that it is dishonest.

We can’t build a future on fairytales.

People have to have a solid foundation to build a new world economy. They have to have honesty about this from the get-go, or there is no basis for any public trust whatsoever.

What the True God builds, stands. What men build out of their lies, fails.

I have already told them (the Vatican) and Kim and all of you, that there is no purpose in lying about anything at all, because the truth is known in great detail.

So, that being so, my suggestion to the Vatican and to Kim is to just stop trying to avoid what is true, and get on with the business of correction.

Set aside the money I requested for the purposes outlined, and let us get on with straightening out the situation in this country, because this country has been used as the staging platform for all the other skullduggery and needs to be the one that takes the lead to straighten this Mess out.

Obviously, the Vatican/Holy See structure failed to do its duty by the people of this country and the rest of the world. Obviously, too. the British Monarch has failed their duty.

As a result, the purported Donors of the Public Trust have presented themselves and pulled the plug.

It is really that simple.

Kim’s failure on all counts is self-evident and the inappropriateness of any Third Party Philanthropist Scheme is also.

Once the all the county governments are fully funded and operating in their proper jurisdiction, and the accounting is done, the people of this country are more than capable of reconstructing some Federal corporations and taking care of their own business.

We propose that a return to self-governance of the people, by the people, and for the people is the solution to this ongoing Mess, not only for America, but for all the other countries of the world. We take care of our own farms and fig trees. Period.

If the governmental services corporations want to stay in business, they quit the lying, stealing, cheating, and other foul activities they have been engaged in.

Otherwise, they don’t have a contract.

And that, too, is simple enough to grasp.

They may not like it, but, tough. That’s the way it is. That’s the truth of the matter and even the Pope would have a hard time disagreeing, much less a lackey like Kim Goguen.


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