Whoa! Find Your Butts…. A Message for the White Hats

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

Whoa! Find Your Butts…. A Message for the White Hats

You are talking to the woman who first defined this evil as “Corporate Feudalism”. To suppose that I don’t know what we are “living under” is the height of stupidity.

Unlike a lot of my critics, I listened when Eisenhower warned us about the “Military Industrial Complex”. I heard him. I was only a little bitty kid, almost a toddler, but I heard what our President said and I took notice. All my life, I have remembered Eisenhower standing there and telling us that.

Where were all the rest of you?

I know exactly how we got here, the patent system that controls it, and more importantly, I know how to correct it without firing a shot.

We can return this country to civilian government and enforce the peace we are owed, but right now, the greatest stumbling blocks to this happy conclusion are a bunch of old military honchos who don’t want peace, who are in fact afraid of peace.

They see war as the source of their power, their expertise, their life’s purpose.

So when I say, “Hey, fellas, you can come home now!” —- that’s not what they want to hear.

When I say, “If you just do your job and actual duty and help return this country to civilian government, all this can be done very peacefully and lawfully with nobody getting hurt.” — that isn’t what they want, either.

That answer doesn’t ring the “Ca-ching!” in their cash registers.

That answer doesn’t leave them in control.

And they still want to be in control even though their incompetence has landed us in this Mess, and even though they don’t know how to get out of it short of blowing the world up.

Much to the disappointment of the proponents of the Military-Industrial Complex this is a spiritual war first and foremost, and beyond that, an economic war staged as a cold mercenary war between foreign federal subcontractors.

May I add, it’s a totally illegal mercenary war. A criminal and dishonorable and unnecessary “war” that is against the Geneva Conventions and international law.

I know how it was put together, so I know how to take it apart.

There are two paths set before you — a peaceful return to civilian government with abundance and freedom for everyone concerned, or, World War III and the total destruction of the planet.

Choose ye, this day.

I don’t consider most “White Hats” to be White Hats. I consider most of them to be self-interested flunkies of the Military-Industrial Complex intent on preserving the same old Military Protectorate that has existed in this country since 1863 and which has functioned with Bad Faith and self-interest to keep the civilian government from finding its feet and putting an end to the Gravy Train.

And that is what I really think about most of the vaunted “White Hats” who, to my knowledge, have done nothing but try to infiltrate and lurk around like a bunch of overgrown schoolboys sneaking a drag, on a single cigarette.

When I call on the “White Hats” for help, you know what I get? People like Destry Payne, Citizen of Luxembourg, sneaking around spreading crap about me and causing trouble that doesn’t need to exist.

If the White Hats want to help, if the White Hats want their country back, if the White Hats realize that their “government” isn’t what is supposed to be running this country and that, in fact, the military is supposed to be taking its orders from the civilian government — not the other way around — then for God’s sake, find your butts with both hands.

Lawful assets can only belong to Lawful Persons. You can’t qualify because by definition all Military Personnel are functioning as Legal Persons.

But if you get out of our way and put on your Thinking Caps instead of your jockstraps, you will realize that we, the civilians, are the only ones who have the key and the right and the standing and the provenance to reclaim the actual assets of this country. Restoring the civilian government is the key and the difference between victory and defeat.

In two weeks the military government will default unless you fellows do your actual duty and assist us.

So you can sit there and rattle your sabers and watch the Debt Clock digits fall, or you can do the right thing. Support the civilian government this country is owed. Stop acting as predators upon the people you are hired to protect.

And if you aren’t going to do the right thing and return this country to civilian government, stop calling yourselves “White Hats”.

Grey Hats, with a lot of dingy stains and spots, is more like it.


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