Identity Theft and Fraud

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

Identity Theft and Fraud

If you are an average American, you have been misidentified as a member of a religious cult that requires all its members and employees to “donate” their estates — defined as “the net worth of a man or woman, alive or dead” — to public trusts set up “in their names”.

Since you have the unlimited right to contract guaranteed by the Constitution and since you also have guaranteed religious freedom, you can do any ridiculous thing you want to do with your estate — and it is all considered “voluntary” and a “donation” —- a “gift”.

That is what “federal income taxes” are, too. All your voluntary donations of your earnings are processed as “Gift and Estate Taxes”.

Because this is something that you are presumed to do as a religious choice, it is a private and civil matter, and doesn’t fall under the heading of crime even though it is criminal.

When you go into a court you need to very clearly state that you are the victim of organized crime and identity theft, that you have been misidentified as a Municipal “citizen of the United States” when you are in fact a State Citizen of The United States with a capital “T” on the “The” —and you are here to collapse the presumed Public Trusts and Transmitting Utilities that have been attached to your estate and reassign all such property interests to your Proper Name standing under the protection of the unincorporated United States of America.

I am not a member of the Federal Religious Cult and I never was.

Thank you, very much, Mr. Prosecutor, for offering to administrate an estate trust that has no business existing, and as the presumed Original Issuer and Donor, I deny you any ability to exercise a position of trust related to me and I require the bonds posted in this case to be returned to me, right now.

He had better have his checkbook ready, because the Judge isn’t going to take responsibility for him.

So put yourselves back in the driver seat and start pushing these vermin right off the checker board.


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