To All Jews, Israelites, and Hebrews, Both Ethnic and Religious

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

To All Jews, Israelites, and Hebrews, Both Ethnic and Religious

As you all know, you are all part of The Chosen People.

As you also have cause to know, some members of your Tribes have done things to cause you all to be Unchosen, too.

Let’s review the facts.

The First Covenant was breached by Adam and Eve.

Abraham revived the worship of our Creator and rejected the Babylonian Pantheon. The Second Covenant was born.

Jacob fooled his blind father, Isaac, and stole his brother’s birthright, but the True God was not deceived; at Beth-El, Jacob lost ten of his sons and their tribes to the false worship of the idols of Babylon. These Ten Lost Tribes have been lost to the true worship of the Creator ever since. With respect to them, the Second Covenant was broken.

And so it goes down through history — first, you are Chosen and Blessed, then you are Unchosen and Punished.

Each time this happens, the consequences are more severe, most recently resulting in the Holocaust.

It’s always the same thing.

When you worship the True God, our Creator, all goes well for you and the rest of the world. When you fall away and worship Mammon, everything goes to hell in a more and more spectacular fashion.

This time, folks, its the End Game. Jesus warned you — fear not him who can only kill the body; fear him who can toss both body and soul into Gehenna.

Now, throughout your history with the True God, you have seen spectacular miracles and signs of all kinds. You’ve got Daniel in the Lion’s Den. You’ve got Elijah. You’ve got the Passover in Egypt. You’ve got the Red Sea. Last, but not least, you’ve got the Sign of Jonah.

Once again, the choices of Jeremiah are set before you. You can choose Chapter 31 and have joy and honor and life, or you can choose Chapter 51 and continue worshiping Mammon, in which case you get destruction.

Only this time, you are facing the total destruction spoken of by Jesus — not just your bodies will be destroyed if you flub this up.

So stop and think about this, seriously.

The True God doesn’t suffer the worship of idols. And when you worship Mammon instead of delighting in the truth—- what happens to you, each and every time?

You get tossed out like yesterday’s newspaper. You lose your Chosen status and other people enter in and claim your blessings — and it is all because you get sidetracked and deluded and start worshiping Mammon and Ashtoreth and Molloch, again, and again, and again.

So here’s the message: the rest of us are sick of it. If you don’t have sense enough to worship the True God, the rest of us do.

We feel like we are dealing with Forrest Gump’s Evil Twin Brother, an idiot who fails his way to destruction with the monotony of a dirge.

I am here. Michael is here. Metatron is here. Elijah is here. The Sign of Jonah has been given to you, and the Choice of Jeremiah.

Given the fact that you have already been given this same choice repeatedly, and chosen wrongly every single time, we have to wonder, are you incapable of learning?

How many times do your noses have to be rubbed in your own idolatry?

Repent. Learn from the men of Nineveh. Hear the lesson of the gourd.

Turn away from your own evil and stop misleading other men: stop worshiping Mammon and return to the True God while you can.

The time is very short for you and will not come again.

This is all the result of your own Bad Choices and making the same wrong choices about who and what you worship, over and over again. “For I, the Lord, Your God, am a jealous God….”

Act now while the choice is still in front of you, choose life.

The True God has been faithful to you; it is you who have been unfaithful to yourselves as you have entered into the practices of criminals and made choices unworthy of men as a result of your worship of False Idols: Ashtoreth, Nimrod, Moloch, and Mammon.

These “gods” are all just delusions and personifications of your own most base desires. Have done with them now and don’t look back.


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