Coming to Texas

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Coming to Texas always feels like coming to the Land of Oz.  The colors are different. The sky is bigger.  And bluer.  And the huge white Thunderheads that form almost every afternoon and which glorify the sunset skies are different, too.

There’s no place like Texas, but then, only a fool speaks of Texas as “a” place. Texas, like Alaska, is so big that numerous small countries could fit comfortably in its borders.

The Texas Hill Country where I am most at home is oddly somewhat similar in terrain to Wisconsin where I grew up, with rolling hills and pasture land, big trees, sinuous rivers, and lots of cows.  The trees are Live Oaks instead of White Oaks, cedars replace the Jack Pines, and the cattle are Hereford and Longhorn steers instead of Holsteins and Guernsey milk cows, but it still feels similar enough to feel like home.

There are a lot of Germans who settled this part of Texas, so that makes it feel like home, too. I can find German restaurants –good ones– serving German Soul Food wherever I go in the Hill Country.  Oddly, jagerschnitzel and Red Cabbage go well with more Southern delicacies like fresh Pecan Pie.

As we are heading into Austin tonight it is a familiar road I have traveled many, many times, but tonight it feels somehow auspicious.  I sense that the conference I am going to is going to be important, even history-making, something that the Attendees will long remember, and future generations of Americans also.

It isn’t that we, the attendees, or even the speakers are so important at all, but the topics that will be raised and the information we will share — and the meeting of the minds that takes place here — will, I think, matter to all people, everywhere, now and for a long time to come.

Somehow it feels right that it is all happening here in the heart of Texas and that it is happening now.

Prior to this we were still hunting for and figuring out too many missing pieces to nail it all down, but I suspect that now, it’s ready to jell and come into focus.

That is what I am sensing and maybe also what I am hoping for as we face four days of intense discussion and learning on all sides of all tables.

Please lend us your prayers and stay tuned.  There is a lot going on and a lot to do in the days ahead.  Stand ready, America.


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