You gotta realize that TRAFFIC charges are TERRITORIAL. Were you on a territory over which the State has unlimited jurisdiction, (such as ZIP code areas), or contrariwise, were you on the LAND of a state of the Union, where the State only has powers given to it by the State Constitution?

It’s just like the federal gov’t, which has unlimited territorial jurisdiction over federal areas, but is given, by the US Constitution, only very LIMITED jurisdiction elsewhere like in States of the Union.

The State’s TERRITORIAL jurisdiction is over ALL ZIP code areas and persons with ZIP code addresses. Which is why State agencies won’t accept your application without a ZIP, since they have only limited jurisdiction outside of ZIP areas.

And there’s no law saying that you have to use ZIP codes for first-class mail. So it’s YOUR CHOICE whether or not you use them when dealing with “gov’t” agencies. And even the ZIP code requirement for Priority Mail is only in the USPS Domestic manual, which is NOT law, since USPS is a federal CORPORATION.

So States are applying territorial jurisdiction just like Congress rules over federal territories. And US citizens, residents and other bankrupts without lawful money, don’t have standing to object to that.


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