Follow Up for the Flag Officers

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

Follow Up for the Flag Officers

Questions are going to be asked of Phil Hudok and his followers— serious questions.

Why did you encourage people to execute a non-disclosed contract?

Did you know that signing on to this Arbitration Award would result in the official conversion of your political status? And lead to you being identified as a British Territorial United States Citizen?

Did you know that by all standards, that conversion of political status represents a profound loss of material and immaterial assets and rights?

Why would you knowingly accept—or encourage anyone else to accept— such a comparatively disadvantageous political status?

Were you aware that you were acting in a way contrary to the best interests of your country? And your countrymen?

Did you know that foreign banks, especially the Vatican Bank and the Bank of England would benefit from your actions?

What did you think you were doing?

Why didn’t you listen when Justice Riezinger explained it to you?

Why didn’t you do your own Due Diligence to further investigate?

What credible evidence do you have that you were not knowingly acting as an Undeclared Foreign Agent?

And on and on and on like this. Be ready, because it’s coming.


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