That Rotten Little Word — “Of”

  anna-2 by Anna von Reitz

That Rotten Little Word — “Of”

Those following Phil Hudok’s lead and slavering at the prospect of being able to wallow in a trough of military script are presenting themselves as patriots and as Americans and touting their arbitration process as the greatest victory and blessing and legal insight in history.

And so they sing their siren song of “easy money” and herd everyone into the wide path that leads to destruction — knowingly or unknowingly; in terms of impact, it hardly matters which.

Too bad it’s not true.

All they are accomplishing is putting themselves further into debt and accelerating the process of hyper-inflation—-plus, officially admitting that they are British Territorial United States Citizens, liable to pay the debts of both the King of the Commonwealth and the Pope.

Oh, dear.

First, there is the fact that Phil never bothered to correct his own political status records, apparently thinking that that was unnecessary, and teaching others the same.

Second, there are his own claims and words identifying himself as a “citizen of the state of West Virginia”. And that rotten little word, “of”.

Many people miss the point that West Virginia is the State, and anything calling itself a “state of West Virginia” or a “State of West Virginia” or even a “STATE of West Virginia” —- are not States.

“Of” means “apart from, besides, or belonging to” —– so, any form of “state of West Virginia” refers to a separate entity apart from the actual State.

And identifying himself as a “citizen” of such an entity can only mean that Phil Hudok is choosing to “reside” in a foreign political status— instead of just living in West Virginia as a West Virginian like the rest of us.

Roman nomenclature was used by the Municipal Government to describe various levels of “state of state” authorities prior to 1860, with “state of State” like Phil’s “state of West Virginia” designation being used in their system to identify the original Federal States of States doing business as, for example, “The State of California” —-which was recognized as “the state of California” for Municipal purposes.

However, West Virginia never existed as a “state of West Virginia” under that system of nomenclature, and “The State of West Virginia”, never existed as a member of the original Confederation, either.

That is because West Virginia itself was defined as a State in the middle of the Civil War — June 1863, so there’s no historical meaning or precedent for the existence of anything called “the state of West Virginia”.

Read that: Phil Hudok is claiming to hold a political status and citizenship based on something that never existed. At all. Ever.

He is, in fact, claiming to be a “stateless person” for Municipal purposes, and standing under the King’s Law — and voluntarily subjecting himself to the British Monarch, presumably as a poor refugee suffering from amnesia, since he has forgotten where he actually lives.

If you needed anything more to tell you that the “Arbitration Award” is fishy and not what it seems, just look real hard at that little word — “of” — and understand what it means.

Claiming to be a “citizen of the state of West Virginia” is a good trick. Very creative. Extra credit points. Totally impossible otherwise. Ultimately, no banana.

Any such claim is actually pure craziness and bunk, and if the Pope is willing to throw rivers of Federal Reserve Notes at it, you have to figure that something else is actually going on.

How about this as the likely scenario?

The Municipal Corporation wants to bankrupt the Territorial Corporation, so they are opening up the floodgates to issue these “Awards” as Federal Reserve Notes?

That will cause hyperinflation and the gross devaluation of Federal Reserve Notes. It will also cause a short term boom, like the Roaring Twenties, with all sorts of crooks swaggering around with stuffed pockets.

And what if all the innocent Americans participating in this destruction of the United States economy, are at the same time unknowingly giving away their inheritance as Americans? What if by accepting these Arbitration Awards, their land and soil, and their Unalienable and Natural Rights, are unwittingly being donated to the Queen? And best of all, from her perspective, they are being snagged to pay the Queen’s debts?

And what if the Queen is herself snagged to pay the Pope’s debts?

A pretty little fraud scheme, indeed. A criminal enterprise. A round robin circle of fraud. Again. And all aimed at defrauding America and Americans.


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