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Decree Over Mandate

 by Anna von Reitz Decree Over Mandate When we established the Constitutions — Federal, Territorial, and Municipal, we delegated some of our established “Powers” to be exercised “for” us by others. So, naturally, there had to be a “Delegator” of … Continue reading

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Call Out for Continental Marshal Support

 by Anna von Reitz Call Out for Continental Marshal Support As all my Readers know, we re-commissioned the Federal Marshals in 2015 and renamed them Continental Marshals in an effort to draw a clear and firm distinction between their functions … Continue reading

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People v. Persons

   by Anna von Reitz People v. Persons There are four political statuses generally available to Americans. They are: (1) State National; (2) State Citizen; (3) United States Citizen [Federal and Territorial] and (4) citizen of the United States [Municipal]. … Continue reading

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