The Long Shadow of the Norman Conquest

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

The Norman Conquest ended the British Monarchy.

This “news” is almost a thousand years old, but somehow, it still isn’t sinking in.

The Queen is not a Queen in Britain.

The only thing the Queen can be is Overseer of the Commonwealth for the Pope, which basically means that within three days of the fake Coronation, she abdicated and occupied The Chair of the Estates as a Lesser Office, the same way that past American Presidents have occupied the Lesser Office of President of the United States.

And we can readily observe, thanks to John Anthony Hill, that that is exactly what she did, too.

William, the Conqueror, did a very careful accounting of everything he conquered. He established a Sovereign Patent upon it all, and upon his death in 1087 A.D., he divvied up all the land in Britain among his faithful nobles and declared them all “sovereigns in their own right” — so instead of any single British Monarch, we now had powerful mini-monarchs, all in charge of their own kingdoms. The Normans thus became kings in England, barons in France.

William, the Conqueror, disowned his son, John, on purpose, and refused to grant him any lands at all — hence the nickname, John Lacklands. And even if William hadn’t taken this precautionary measure to make sure his Will would stand in the matter, it is worth noting that Britain still succumbed to Norman rule and that all William’s progeny were Norman, too.

The result is the same: there is no British Monarch to rule Britain.

That’s why we have the odd spectacle of “British” Monarchs from France and Scotland and Germany and Holland and even from Greece. There has been no true British Monarch since 1066 A.D. The Pope’s Commonwealth Overseer has been pinch-hitting since then.

I am bringing this forward — again — so that people may better grasp the implications. Her Royal Majesty serves as the Pope’s lackey and derives whatever land jurisdiction she has from that Office and relationship.

The Pope, acting under Delegated Authority, controls the Municipal (Federal Civil Service) Government directly, and controls the Territorial United States Government indirectly through the Queen.

That’s the way it is, and the way it has been, since long before this country was founded and seized upon its own government—-and that’s also the way the empowerment flows downhill among our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors that have been left to run wild while exercising Delegated Powers “for” us.

It has been very handy for the Popes to be able to hand off responsibility for all this wrong-doing by donning the Pontiff’s hat and office, a nicety they have attempted to keep going by their present arrangement in which Benedict retains the sacred ministerial office, and Francis operates as Successor to the Pontiff’s responsibilities. But at the end of the day, it’s all just excuses for criminality and fraud.

The Pope(s) need to return control of all our assets to us without further obfuscation or denial.

They– Francis and Benedict– also need to make amends for their wrong-doing and especially, for offering to start another Civil War on our soil, for enslaving our people, for defrauding Americans, and for all the racketeering that has gone on here as they have illegally and immorally enforced the collection of “Peter’s Pence” otherwise known as the Federal Income Tax, plus many other improper actions including: forced licensing, forced conscription, confiscation of private property without compensation, mortgaging assets that do not belong to them, trading in human flesh and bondage, gross trespass and practice of inland piracy upon their actual employers, conspiracy against and evasion of their treaties and constitutional obligations, usurpation in the form of chartering millions of municipal corporations and operating them within the borders of our States —when they know very well that they are limited to operating within the District of Columbia and, specifically, within the Municipality of Washington, DC.

The Queen and her Hubby have grotesquely benefited themselves as the Pope’s lapdogs, and though they owe us Good Faith Service, they have taken their orders from the actual Headquarters in Rome like good little Nazis. They need to be reminded of the verdicts in the Nuremberg Trials.

And everyone throughout the world needs a wake-up call about the actual known history of all this, so that we are all on the same page and know exactly who to blame and who needs to make restitution for all this, to the extent possible.

Now, it’s not possible to give back the lives that have been lost. It’s not possible to give back the time that has been lost. We cannot make up for the truncated lives that people have been forced to live because of this criminality at the root of western civilization. We can’t return the careers sabotaged, the babies aborted, and so much else.

But we can cut the canker out, drain the swamp, and get the show back on the road, restored, reformed, and operating as it is meant to. We can make up for what we can make up for. We can utilize the wealth that is duly ours to clean up the planet and provide a good future for everyone. We can return the stolen land and homes to the actual owners. We can put our boot heels on the throats of the offending corporations.

What can never be repaid or repaired must be forgiven, for our own sake if nothing else. And we all can make a new start.

It is an open question to the People of Britain — why have you put up with this situation for so long? William, the Conqueror, is long gone. Why do you continue to let foreigners rule over your country and to use your Government as a base for piracy and crime against you and against humanity?


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