anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

 It’s amazing how fast people wake up when they no longer have cheap hamburger, football, and beer. Or gas to run their cars. Or they wake up one morning and they actually realize that they spent the first six months of the year working to pay for “government services” they don’t use or aren’t eligible for. Have faith, Herbert. As Margaret Thatcher said — the bad part of Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. I think that we are just about at that point.
  • Herbert Longstreet They print FRNs day and night……they print Treasury notes for whatever denomination that is needed…..and not just on paper, as I comprehend a LOT of it is just numbers on a screen, typed by “employees” of this govt… can they possibly go bankrupt? (I know, I know…..they are already bankrupt.)…..Does the bank in MONOPOLY ever go bankrupt?
  • Herbert Longstreet We are the last generation that can fight…..when we die, all is lost.
  • Herbert Longstreet They say I am nuts…..I am an outcast (nothing new, as I have been an outcast my whole life)…..most people are very happy wearing their chains, their yoke……they laugh at me, and I cannot convince them of what lies ahead.


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