More Straight Talk About “Money”

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

More Straight Talk About “Money”

Go here and understand why it is essential to keep cash in use and to refuse any “cashless” society proposals, and also, pick up on why it is fundamentally necessary to impose increasingly strict bank and securities regulations:…

In only ten minutes, you will learn the salient economic facts and the “rationale” behind what the Guilty Parties are trying to promote as a Means to Power for themselves—- to the detriment of the entire Earth, otherwise.

Our answer must come and it must come without delay and without any limp-wristed offer of compromise allowing the bankers and brokers to incrementally wheedle their way forward.

Join me and mine in bringing these issues home to the “government” and the “church” and all those responsible for allowing these bankers to run fraud schemes against entire governments and regions of the world.

Simply arresting and punishing a few dozen bankers and politicians and securities brokers under our existing laws would do wonders toward correcting this problem.

Educating ourselves about money and bothering to think about money and credit, would solve the rest in short order.

Do not neglect this topic. There is nothing more vital than to regain control of the banks and securities corporations and to enforce against them.

There is no issue more important than resisting any and all attempts to remove cash from use, refusing to be “chipped” like cattle, and boycotting any business that refuses cash payments.

Do not be fooled by any contrary arguments, and do not accept any suggestion that people who insist on preserving cash are Luddites.

The Politically Incorrect among us will still be alive and free and —-you won’t, if you allow the banks and brokers to get away with a totally digital monetary system. It doesn’t matter who controls such a system or what guarantees are made about its security.

Any such “cashless society” is a slave society by definition.

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