The Gra-El Kings

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The Gra-El Kings

Many people are talking about the “Fourth Dimension” and “Fifth Dimension” but what they are talking about isn’t related to dimensions at all. I suppose it is because they don’t have a vocabulary yet to describe what they are trying to express, so we wind up with misnomers.

Our physical reality is cast in terms of a complex multi-layered information field with many layers. Those layers are not “dimensions”. They are frequency fields, that bleed into each other the same way that radio stations fade in and out and become “solid” when you hit the right frequency on your radio dial.

Thus there are recent reports of ghosts and giants walking among us and reports of people being possessed by demons and reports of gigantic “planets” being visible in near-space, and reports of strange beings identified as Extra-Terrestrials, and so on.

What is actually happening is a disputed changing of the guards and stewards of this planet and a mandated resolution of the claims of the Gra-El Kings against the rulers of this world—- and the healing of the Faery Accord that pre-dates all other known charters, claims, or treaties in this world.

The Faery Accord was violated by the eating of flesh.

The Creator of this world never intended that we would eat the flesh of the animals which He also created and blessed with life. There was never meant to be a “Law of Tooth and Claw” upon the Earth.

And now, in the “twinkling of an eye”, the fornicators and prevaricators are to be removed, once and for all. They know this and they are preparing to receive their “king” — Satan, the Cruel Master, who will continue to rule over them in the Abyss. Thus, they have set up statues of his idols in the Vatican and in London and at the Coliseum and in Turkey and in Tel Aviv and in New South Wales and in Argentina and in Peru and various other places around the world.

They are practicing their chants: “Hail, King Satan!” Their Death Cult members are scuttling around like cockroaches all over the planet, all excited, like ants swarming on a rotting apple.

This is taking place at the same time that we also prepare to receive our King and Creator, and to enter into our Inheritance: a new world and a renewed Earth.

While their preparations are obvious and outward, involving public demonstrations and veiled announcements, the appearance of idols, parades of bizarre naked men, blood-letting ceremonies, orgies, etc., our preparations are internal and not obvious at all.

Our preparations are largely silent and taking place in each heart.

We choose our destiny and which Kingdom we will serve — The Kingdom of God, meaning Mammon, or The Kingdom of Heaven. Nobody here on Earth condemns anyone in any way that counts. Only the True God, our Creator, has the power to do that.

Yet, his condemnation will come. And a great many foolish people will perish, both in the flesh and the spirit, because of their pride and selfishness and arrogant hardness of heart, because they would not listen nor change nor repent from the evils they have embraced.

So let it come and don’t be afraid. For those who have let war and greed and hatred rule, a place for them has been prepared in the Abyss, where they will remain. For those who have clung fast to compassion and grace, an entirely different destiny awaits, and that, too, has been prepared.

Look into your hearts and quiet your minds. Seek your Father in Heaven and ask for his grace and kindness and protection. Be like little children and place your faith only in him, calling no man “Father”, and doing your best to remember who you truly are.

Be blessed. You will soon enter the realm of True Magic, and everything that I have spoken to you will be confirmed. If you are willing to live at peace with your neighbors and embrace the Oneness of Creation, you will be safe in your Mother’s arms, and nothing on the Earth or in the Heavens will harm you.

I do not suggest that you should just sit around and wait, however. Quite the contrary, this is the most crucial time for action, the time when you must choose and must act to declare your nature and intentions as men and women who turn their faces away from Death, and align with the forces of Life.

What we choose now, what we stand up for now, will be our fate.


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