About Our State Assemblies and Our State Citizenship

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

About Our State Assemblies and Our State Citizenship

Anyone who wants to claim back US Citizenship to take advantage of the purported “benefits” of subjecting themselves to the Queen and the Pope by signing on to the Phil Hudok “Arbitration Award” cannot serve as a State Citizen and MUST be “invited to leave” our State Assemblies no matter who they are or what position they may have been elected to serve.

They are forfeiting their State Citizenship and their heritage as Americans by choosing to participate in this fiasco. Let them go have at it, but do not allow them to remain as “members” or to occupy any office in any State Assembly.

Our States of the Union allow only one (1) form of Citizenship and that is State Citizenship. No Federal Citizenship at all. Ever.

As for Phil and Richard and those Numbnutz, they aren’t listening or learning and as a result, they aren’t doing what we are doing and not representing any actual State of the Union, either.

Everyone has been warned regarding the consequences of signing onto the Arbitration Award and the fact that you can’t back out of it once you take the bait.

Everyone has been told the consequences of allowing yourself to be identified as a “natural person” instead of one of the People.

Everyone has been told the consequences of accepting a “title” to land issued by the Municipal United States Government.

Everyone has been warned that Richard Schaum is a former high-level Department of Administration Accounting Consultant and that he has not reclaimed his identity as an American State National —-and so far as we have been able to determine, has not signed onto the Arbitration Award himself.

So if this is such a good idea and he is pushing it so hard, why isn’t his name on the roster???

Be ye not like dumb, driven cattle. Study to make yourselves approved. And stand firm in what is right.

Otherwise, the doorway to the slaughterhouse you were just delivered from, is still open and available for you to walk back into.

If you are an American, there are only two (2) choices — American State National or American State Citizen.

And if you are not an American and are instead choosing to act as a “US citizen” of some kind, what in the Hell are you doing infiltrating a State Assembly?

Any such persons acting as “US citizens” and seeking to infiltrate and influence our State Assemblies must be reported immediately to President Trump and kicked out and prevented from any further subversive activity.


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