Pope Francis’ Signature

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Pope Francis’ Signature

Okay, so now I have a mish-mash of Jews and Catholics on my back ranting —how could I know the status of the Pope and the Pope Emeritus?

My first question is—-why should Jews care?

My second question is —-why doesn’t everyone see what I see?

Benedict very clearly said that he retained his “ministerial” office. His sacred office was retained.

As for what office was he resigning? His secular-office as Roman Pontiff. That’s what he handed off to Francis, a loyal Jesuit, sworn to obey the Pope.

So Benedict is still in control and that is not gossip or guess. It is logic based on known facts.

Add to these known facts the way Francis signs his paperwork: FRANCISCUS.

This is the name of a slave in Latin.

It is the name of a corporation.

It is the name of a dead man’s estate.

And these are the only things FRANCISCUS can be or can stand for under the Roman Civil Law or under the Uniform Commercial Code or under Ecclesiastical Law, either.

No other Pope has consistently and only used this kind of signature. No other Pope has denied Obedience.

So we are in the presence of a ruse.

It may have been done to take pressure off of Benedict or to expedite business operations of the Pontificate or any number of other reasons, but you, I, and everyone else on the planet has cause to know that what is going on in Vatican City is not business as usual.

The dirty business dealings of the Roman Pontificate and the Holy Roman Empire and the City of Rome all have to be dealt with in a sober fashion.

The Great Tribulation (Tribute to Rome) has come and is now fading away.

The Apocalypse has come, too. A great many people are confused. Through it all, the Truth shines through and will not be diminished. If anything, it will shine brighter as the days grow darker.

The Dark Ones who have festered in the Church will come out now. Their hatred of Mankind will be self-evident. They will try for a Renewal of their Death Cult and attempt to go “mainstream” with their sacrifices and blood-letting and worship of idols. They will do this with great pageantry and pomp and special effects designed to cow us like cave men.

This will be welcomed by the majority of the members of Congress who are already members of this sickening cult— a “religion” which has been repeatedly suppressed because of its horrific immorality, cruelty, dishonesty, and destructiveness.

Even the “anything goes” Romans under Julius Caesar put it down and put it down hard enough to suppress it for the better part of a thousand years.

Now it will be up to us to put it out of its misery once and for all.

May we be equal to the task and may we destroy once and for all time the hateful and false premises and disgusting beliefs that give rise to The Great Abomination.


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