Urgent Alert from The Living Law Firm

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Urgent Alert from The Living Law Firm

We have now had time to fully research and consider the elements of the program unveiled as Phil Hudok’s Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020.

This Alert combines legal opinions from several members of The Living Law Firm, including former Bar Attorneys and Judges who have taken their stand with the people of this country:

“Once you have admitted to being a “natural person” and admitted to being “at war” with them [the Federales] and allowed them to take title to your land assets — what do they need you for?

Nothing. They can seize your property and abuse you and do whatever they wish, because you agreed to all of it.

We will not be able to protect people who take this “Arbitration Award” offer, because we cannot protect them against themselves….[they have the unlimited right to contract.]”

This is an Urgent Alert issued to all Americans interested in preserving their freedom, their lawful government, and their standing to press claims against the British Territorial United States and Municipal United States for physical damages and war crimes:

“The Hudok Offer including the Arbitration Award and the associated “Peace Treaty 2020″ is an attempt to gain multiple undisclosed advantages ….it is a misrepresented commercial offer amounting to a bribe leveraged against restitution that is already owed to the victims.”

“The actual States and People of this country were never engaged in the mercenary conflict known as the American Civil War.  Encouraging people who were never involved in any such conflict to issue a “Peace Treaty” creates the false idea — and equally false legal admission — that these same innocent civilians were in fact at war and subject to combat status as Enemies.”

“This False Admission then serves to exonerate the actual Guilty Parties who have waged war against non-combatant civilian populations…”

“While we are not seeking revenge for the past we do not advise anyone to offer inappropriate Peace Treaties that may or may not be honored and we do not advise anyone to seek or accept any settlement that uses deceptive legal terms like “natural persons” and which misrepresents land “titles” as Free Holds”.

“On the balance, these documents [the Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020] are diabolically deceptive and aim at undisclosed and highly prejudicial goals. Run like gazelles — in the opposite direction.”

“We, as a Review Committee, find these proposals to be highly inappropriate and prejudicial….”

“Signing onto these documents [Hudok’s Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020] would mis-characterize the victims as knowing Enemy Combatants, rob them of their natural political status, and steal title to their land assets.”

Bottomline: “You’d have to be crazy to go for this.”


Anna von Reitz I am posting this so that everyone knows that I am not alone in my evaluation of Phil Hudok’s Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020. I am also posting it to make it crystal clear that neither I nor The Living Law Firm ever advised anyone to take this deal.


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