The Only Solution

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The Only Solution

This morning I awaken to three typical Complainers yammering at me.

They all have problems with the current “justice” system.

They all want me to give them solutions to their problems with this system.

When I suggest correcting their political status, joining their State Assembly, and operating their own government, they react like wet cats.

You expect us to self-govern? THAT’s the solution to my custody battle? My divorce? My DUI? My foreclosure? My (and the list goes on and on)?


Self-governance is the answer.

Every day the madmen in DC and all their affiliates in all fifty-seven “states” in their system add more “laws” to what their citizens have to obey. There are now more than 80 million such laws on the books.

Even a backwater place like Alaska adds 200-300 new “laws” per year. Over the course of a decade, that’s 2,000 to 3,000 brand new laws for you to know and obey.

Each one of those “laws” is an opportunity for the State of State system to collect revenue for itself and to coerce you. Every single one of those “laws” amounts to a tax on the people participating in their system of things.

The only thing that keeps it in check is the expense of enforcing all this burdensome idiocy.

So, do you want to be free? Or a slave?

Being free means that you correct your political status records and join your State Assembly and govern yourself according to The Ten Commandments as your ancestors did.

You can live under ten Laws or 80,000,000 statutes.

If you choose to live under 80,000,000 statutes, don’t come running to me to gripe. I’ve already told you what the problem is and how you can not only avoid it, but control it.

If you don’t get busy and do what has to be done, nobody can do it for you.

Many of you are confused and think that Americans live under Federal Code.

The only people who live under Federal Code are British Territorial United States Citizens—mostly US military personnel and their dependents.

Many of you are further confused and think that Americans live under Municipal Code.

The only people who live under Municipal Code are “citizens of the United States” — mostly Federal Civil Service employees and their dependents.

If you are an American, you need to come home, and self-govern. And tell your public servants what you expect of them, too.


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