Land and Soil; Domicile and Home

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Land and Soil; Domicile and Home

When we formally and officially and publicly record the re-conveyance of our Trade Name back to the “land and soil” of an American State, we are establishing our connection to both the soil (top 6 inches of dirt) and the land (everything below the soil).

It’s impossible to have land without soil or soil without land, so we say, “land and soil”, yet under British land law, which is where we inherited this system, land represents a separate international jurisdiction, while soil is understood to be the national jurisdiction.

This same bifurcation of land and soil results in the concept of “domicile” and “homestead” as two separate but closely related aspects of actual life.

Living people have homesteads and homes.

Lawful and Legal Persons have domiciles – their principal places of business.

So when we say that we re-convey our Trade Name to the land and soil, we mean that we are conveying both our living self, one of the people, and our Lawful Person, one of the People, as the two unincorporated jurisdictions are inextricably linked: land and soil, domicile and home, Lawful People and living people.

And just like you can’t have land without soil or soil without land, you can’t have a lawful domicile without a home or a home without a lawful domicile, a Lawful Person without a living man or woman, and vice-versa,

So now we have people claiming that they have “a” domicile as a Person in Montana, but they don’t actually live in Montana anymore.

This can only pertain to Legal Persons, which are not tied to carbon-based, actual, factual bodies.

Our Lawful Persons which are one of the People and which are State Citizens, are very much attached to our physical habitation, whether a house made of blood and bone or a house made of wood and stone, in the same way that soil and land are actually part of each other and inextricably combined.

As a result, it is impossible for a Lawful Person to exist and conduct business apart from a specific living man or woman being present. Lawful Persons are attached to us in the same way that the soil is attached to the land. State Citizens are all Lawful Persons.

I can’t send my Lawful Person to school or market “for” me, because my Lawful Person does not exist apart from me. At most, I might send another man or woman to act as my agent or proxy.

So claiming that you have a permanent domicile in say, Ohio, while you are in fact living in another State, can only pertain to Legal Personsyour STRAWMAN for example, was domiciled in Puerto Rico before you Expatriated the NAME and brought it home.


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