A Reply for “No One” —- The Proof is in the Pudding.

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

A Reply for “No One” —- The Proof is in the Pudding.

What is, is.

Donald Trump is unique in my experience of Presidents— and that now goes back sixty years — in that he has kept or made very good faith effort to keep every single one of his campaign promises.

That is not the modus operandi of a “rat”. That is evidence of an honorable man.

The modus operandi of a “rat” is clearly demonstrated by Barack Obama —- “you can keep your health insurance” — uh-huh and “I’m going to cut the federal budget” —- after I inflate it by $12 trillion more in debt…….

THAT is a rat.

But a man who keeps his campaign promises? No, that is something different. Something really, really different.
So, based on The Pudding Test, Donald Trump gets high marks.

And I will stick with that until proven otherwise.

As for “Q” — there has to be something in play and in a major way, or we would be at war by now. In fact, if Hillary had won, we’d all probably be in cattle cars by now.

Call it what you will — “Q”, the Plan, the White Hats, or the Good Angels. Whatever. All those federal indictments didn’t just come out of nowhere, you know. So, there again, while I am waiting like everyone else for actual arrests of the criminals, the paperwork alone that went into that process is proof that “something major is going on”.

And if it is what “Q” says, I am all on board with that, because it is a matter of criminality and not a matter of politics or economics or race or religion or anything else. It’s all just ugly old garden-variety bunko and other forms of crime being practiced on a vast scale. So, yes, I agree with “Q” —- it’s a police matter.

With an estimated two (2) million felons at large in this country, it’s more a matter of which variety of felons do you go after first?
For any competent and motivated police force, it’s a “target-rich environment”.

And the next question is — where do you put all these felons?

Look what happened to Jeffrey Epstein. Even if you find space for them, how do you keep the key contributors to the crime spree alive long enough to testify?

All that money put into Gitmo makes sense now, doesn’t it?

And where do you find justices/judges competent to hold that many extra trials? A great many trial lawyers have to be trained to actually conduct admiralty courts, or, the normal caseloads of existing courts must be drastically reduced.

If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that there will be efforts to clear out jails by releasing and commuting the sentences of Americans who have been jailed illegally for regulatory infractions.

The impetus for that is two-fold: (1) we told the Pope and the Queen that we aren’t paying for the cost of incarcerating those Americans, and (2) they need the jail space.

Again, if I were a betting woman, I would guess that they are waiting for the last shoe to drop in the Municipal bankruptcy that started under Obummer.

And then, technically, there won’t be a Municipal Government left to protect the rats. They will all have to seek different cover.

Some members of Congress already have their Dual Citizenship set up to seek protection in other countries that don’t have extradition treaties with us. Others will try to adopt back their American State National status —- which is what Bill and Hillary have hidden behind for decades, but which will not be so foolproof now that our Government is operational again. We will be able to arrest them even if Mr. Trump can’t.

Finally, if you were Donald Trump and you had around two million active felons at large, including the bulk of the Municipal Congress, which group of them would you focus your attention on taking down first?

He has chosen the pedophiles, and in my opinion, he has chosen wisely.

Why? Because they are universally detested as cowards and perverts, and that is well-earned; but, more importantly, because they prey upon the most vulnerable among us. As an extra reason to go after them first —- the pedophiles span the whole spectrum of activities engaged in by all the other criminals and are often kingpins in additional crime syndicate activities.

That is, you can nail them for pedophilia and other gross moral crimes, and at the same time, take them out of their snuggled-up positions in banking and securities administration, government finance, records administration, Congress, the military, State of State administration, Court System…. all across the board.

I think Mr. Trump is doing a great job honoring his promises and taking out the worst of the worst of them in an orderly, non-destructive fashion. Godspeed and go for it.

But, one must remember — Mr. Trump can only do what the parameters of his offices allow him to do. He cannot single-handed restore our lawful government “for” us.

The responsibility of self-governance remains our responsibility, and the authority of the land and soil jurisdiction can only be exercised by Americans claiming their unique birthright State National political status and then choosing as adults to act as State Citizens, operating their State of the Union.

Otherwise, we continue to operate a 12 cylinder engine on eight, and we continue to be at the mercy of the Pope and the Queen and whatever minions they have staffing their Territorial and Municipal Government structures.


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