Sending THEM Home

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Sending THEM Home

While everyone is running around willy-nilly and certain irresponsible fools are talking about another civil war (Civil War 2.0) on our shores, it’s time to remember whose shores these are and the fact that these are our employees.

Now that The United States of America [Unincorporated] is up and assembled and functioning, we can send the entire Municipal Government Pink Slips for insubordination and Breach of Trust and send them home without supper.

Once the Delegators enter the room —- and we have —- its time for the Pope and the Queen to step down and do our bidding, not the other way around.

This is our country, our land, our soil. They don’t have a tinker’s damn to stage any kind of “war” or any mercenary conflict here. If they do, they will be shown up as nothing but international criminals operating in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract.

We will arrest their leaders as criminals and try them for treason and execute them, as per the Public Law of this country and nation.

And we will hold the Pope and the Roman Curia directly responsible in all cases, as the Pope (1) directly owns the Municipal United States Government; (2) indirectly owns (through the Queen) the Territorial United States Government, and (3) owns the United Nations (through majority stock ownership of the UN Corporation).

So any way that Francis and the Boyz want to cut this, they are on the hook for it, 100%, and no getting out of the blame for it and the cost of it, whatever it turns out to be beyond a whole lot of blather.

As for the actual and factual Government of this country, we are giving our Municipal Government Employees and their Boss, the Pope, a straight ultimatum — either get back in your box and behave, or every single Municipal Employee and Agency Employee is fired, off our payroll, effective 12 December 2019.

That includes the members of the Municipal Congress.

Drop the saber rattling and the impeachment crappola or the next one on the chopping block will be SERCO.

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