Facts to Keep Firmly in Mind

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Facts to Keep Firmly in Mind

The actual government of this country is vested entirely in the living people. That is why it is called a government “of the people, for the people, by the people”.

It follows that no incorporated entity can ever be the government of this country.

Corporations of various kinds can serve the living people. Only.

When a living man, one of the people, acts in a Public Capacity — for example, serves as a Juror, he is acting in a “corporate” capacity — the Office of a Juror, but still not acting in an “incorporated” capacity.

This is the same difference you see between unincorporated small businesses, like Mel’s Autobody, and incorporated businesses like GE, Inc., or Intel, Inc.

A unincorporated small business is “corporate” but unincorporated. It does not owe its existence to any charter granted by any government.

In the same way, when a living man acts in a Public Capacity, as a State Citizen, a Juror, a Sheriff, a Coroner, a Justice of the Peace, and so on, he acts in a corporate but still unincorporated capacity as one of the People.

While acting in a Public Capacity of Office, each American acts as either (1) a Lawful Person (land jurisdiction) or a (2) Legal Person (sea jurisdiction). The land jurisdiction protects you while you are standing on the land and soil, and the Queen or King of Britain is supposed to be protecting you on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” but they haven’t been doing that.

“We, the People” who created the Constitutions were all acting as Lawful Persons. The Founders were acting as State Citizens and State Delegates to Congress—that is, they were acting in a “corporate” but “unincorporated” capacity. If they had been acting as Legal Persons– that is, incorporated entities, of any kind, the phrase would read, “We, the Persons”.

It is only when we adopt the same political status and shoulder the same responsibility that we have the same standing as, “We, the People” in the current day, and are able to enforce, negotiate, and enter the jurisdiction of the Constitutions and their guarantees.

So– take that fact to heart. Underline it.

Now, here’s the next fact, even though you were born in the proper political status, your name and identity were kidnapped and transported — “trafficked” into the realm of corporations and incorporated entities, the strange “Land of Oz” world, where both Legal Persons and INCORPORATED PERSONS exist.

According to the fraud artists, you were identified as a “Legal Person” and, furthermore, as a Public Person — but not an American, when you were just a few days old. The evidence of this is the Birth Certificate the rats were obliged to give you.
It shows that you were the victim of “Unconscionable Contracting Processes” when you were only a few days old, long before you could become conscious of what this meant.

As a result, you are being “presumed to be” a British Territorial Citizen, like someone born in Puerto Rico, a member of the Commonwealth, who is, for whatever reasons, living as a “resident” — a temporary sojourner in America, called a “United States Citizen”.

Obviously, this is a false presumption and you never knowingly, willing, or voluntarily adopted such a foreign political status. You were born in an actual State, like Kansas, and you were far too young to choose to live in any imaginary State of State like the Territorial State of Kansas (or the Land of Oz).

Nonetheless, the Wicked Witches cast a spell on you, trafficked you into their realm and redefined you as a Legal Person, a Public Person, and a British Territorial Citizen obligated to follow Federal Code, but not having any Constitutional Guarantees.

They did this because they acted in Breach of Trust concerning you and did not fully inform you of the circumstance, nor did they assist you to recoup your natural, lawful and owed political status. Why? Because by “redefining” you and trafficking you into their foreign jurisdiction, they could latch onto your Good Name and Estate and buy and sell your Person and everything you own.

So, the first thing these Evil Cretins did was to sell you and your labor to the Pope and his Flying Monkeys.

You were then “additionally” presumed to be a Dual Citizen of both the British Territorial United States AND a MUNICIPAL “citizen of the United States”.

This also took place under cover of darkness, before you were old enough to object, and resulted in several incorporated entities operating under you name being established “in your name”.

These are incorporated THINGS are like any incorporated entity you are familiar with — and may be defined as different kinds of trusts, C-Corps, S-Corps, 501 (c) 3 Corps, Cooperatives, Public Transmitting Utilities, Foundations, LLCs, LLP’s and whatever other phony business structure designations the Roman Curia can define and sell as patented and trademarked and copyrighted products.

JOHN DOE is a Public Charitable Trust.
JOHN R. DOE is a Public Transmitting Utility.
JOHN ROY DOE is a constructive Cestui Que Vie Trust.
And so on.

All these entities are created by the Municipal United States Government, and according to the Vatican Chancery Court, they are all supposed to be “gifts” to you —- rather like the Trojan Horse, because on the other side of Dual Citizenship created by your Stolen Identity, the Queen gets all the benefit of these “gifts” and you get to pay for them. And the Queen works for the Pope…..

The excuse for this is that they have been pretending to be involved in a perpetual “civil war” with the Queen’s Territorial (Northern) Government against the Pope’s Municipal (Southern) Government in a continuance of the illegal Mercenary Conflict known as The American Civil War.

It ended more than 150 years ago, but they kept right on pretending, because it profited them and let them pillage and plunder you. That is, they acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract.

All that is silly enough, if the consequences for Americans were not so dire, but on top of that, the fraud is two-faced and double-sided, in other ways.

The Pope controls the Queen who acts as his Overseer for the Commonwealths, and the British Territorial Government is operating as a Commonwealth. So when the British Territorial United States fights with the Municipal United States, you’ve got the Pope telling the Queen to fight with him and with those who are working for him.

It’s actually all just a mercenary conflict with the Pope against the Pope (indirectly through the Queen), which is ridiculous.

More recently, the Pope, has attempted to use the United Nations as his “storefront” and bring UN Troops in to fight with the Territorial United States. Either way, he hoped to get a hot war going and kill off millions of his Priority Creditors — but as you can now see, since the Pope owns majority stockholder interest in the UN Corp, he is merely proposing to fight with himself again.

Now he is attempting to spread the war his predecessors and minions created in the Middle East, by selling off his purported interests in the two Governmental Services Corporations — “the” United States. Inc. and “the” “United States of America, Inc.” to his Arab and Jewish Creditors, so that maybe they can drum up an excuse to bring their quarrels here.

Just look what they have done in Europe. Wholesale “seeded” war throughout Europe using humanitarian aid as their excuse — but not their object.

Take a tiny Norwegian hamlet of 6,000 souls, import 300 Shiite Muslims and 300 Sunni Muslims, and what do you get? War in Norway, Norwegians unable to ride their bikes to work because the “crazies are using bicycle blades and saws to kill each other in our streets now, and often enough, killing us, too”.

The Pope and the Boyz aren’t creating peace on Earth this holiday season. Far from it. They are creating new wars, endless wars, endless conflicts, because that is how they make their money and excuse themselves for the evil they choose to create.

But is it the fault of the Muslims, really? What do you expect? They have been at each other’s throats for centuries. Both sides have have evicted from their homes. Their families have been killed and abused and robbed and given no peace or rest for generations.

What I want to know is — who are and where are the senseless evil bureaucrats who didn’t separate these populations and encapsulate them, instead of blowing them like mold spores all over the entire Earth?

We are plainly, loudly, and unequivocally telling Francis to go stuff his head up the nearest elephant butt, because no matter what they say or do: these entities that he controls are our employees.

They have no permission to front any kind of a “war” or commercial mercenary operation on our soil, and neither do any would-be “Successors to Contract”, either.

Hence the word has gone out to the Pope, the Brits, the Saudis, the Israelis, everyone who needs to know. We are the actual employers of these “governmental services providers” and we have had enough of their Breach of Trust and Dis-service.
There is the Fact that needs your attention. We are the actual Employers of these Monsters.

If the cretins responsible for this situation don’t back down, it won’t matter if Nancy Pelosi impeaches Donald Trump as the “President” of “the” United States, Inc., a bankrupt corporation liquidated for criminal activity. It won’t matter who was stupid enough to buy such vacuous claims and non-existent property interests.

All that will matter is that throughout the world: (1) the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church will be exposed as a crime syndicate that has dishonored our Trust and our service contract with them without cause; (2) the Queen and her Predecessors have done the same; and (3) no Successors have a contract of any kind, except the quid pro quo we established for President Trump on a month by month basis.

We own the actual unincorporated United States and these Several States and the States of America, and we also own our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America — we are the actual, factual government of this country. All the rest, is just foreign subcontractors making a huge mess.

We are not at all confused nor are we amused. Our records and our paperwork and our liens are all in effect and in order.

Buying and selling and trading upon what they don’t in fact have any valid claim to own, may be the style and habit of these hucksters, but at the end of the day, it’s all still ours and we can hire whomever we wish to hire to do a better job of providing us with services, because in actual fact — as an entire country, we are richer than Midas. And we are owed our re-venue.

We are also owed peace, because the actual government of this country has been at peace since 1814 and if the erstwhile “Trustees” force us into any other pattern or status, this is Published Notice to the Principals and their Agents, that in our world, those who start wars pay for them 100% and also do so 100% of the time, to the full, plus interest.

The actual government of this country did not participate in the baseless and fraudulent “Civil War” promoted by our Employees.

We aren’t paying for any “Mouse That Roared” scenario. Our Employees are going to stand down and shut up or be shut out.

Keep these facts firmly in mind going forward. There is and can be no “civil war” here so long as we overtly forbid it — which we do, and so long as we, the actual Employers, refuse to fund it and/or refuse to fund those people including the members of “the” Municipal Congress who are attempting to pull off this gross criminal escapade.

There needs to be a Detente established with Rome and with the Vatican and the Queen and all their Bankers, such that they clearly understand that we know who we are and also know who they are; we have assembled our States accordingly, and we are “home” with 40 States reporting and more on the way.

We are conducting our own business, thank you very much.

As the actual and factual Americans, those having the political status, standing, and jurisdiction to speak as “We, the People”, we are telling Pope Francis and the Federal Civil Service and the Federal Agencies to go back in their box, mind their business, do their jobs, stop fomenting fraud and causing trouble, or they will all be out of work.

Any would-be Successors are similarly instructed and under the same demands and particulars.

Judging by the impact of numerous other “federal government shutdowns” they aren’t doing anything much anyway—-and what they are doing, they are doing wrong.

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