Frustration on the Home Front – Mine

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Frustration on the Home Front – Mine

I realize that there are those of you who want action, action, action.

There is actually more than enough to do, if you concentrate on learning all that you need to know and mastering the ins and outs of setting up your own State Assembly, your own Courts, and your own State Militia and Offices. But instead of doing that, certain people just have to rush around, looking for other things to do and more rabbit holes to tunnel around in.

No, we don’t need any Treaty of Peace. We were never involved in any unresolved war. We are members of the Federation of States. Not the Confederation of States of States.

Think, people. The actual States are sovereign entities. They cannot go bankrupt. They don’t need insurance — they have indemnity.

Our actual government hasn’t been at war since 1814.
American State Nationals and American State Citizens are owed The Law of Peace, AR 27 -161- 1. Period. And there is no excuse for anyone in government not knowing that and honoring that.

The entities that need to enter into peace accords are the States of America Confederation members, and these cannot be formed and “reconstructed” until our actual States assemble and charter them.

So get the horse in front of the cart and realize that there is a profound difference between States that are members of the Federation doing business as The United States of America and the States of States that are members of the long-dormant Confederation doing business as the States of America.

We have to assemble the States of the Federation, and then the States of the Federation reconstruct (re-charter) the State of States of the Confederation. Wisconsin reclaims the property assets vested in The State of Wisconsin and re-charters it, for example.

Next order of irritation….

No, there is no advantage to any Joe Average American in joining any tribal trust and doing so automatically voids all the work that you have done to extract yourselves from the maze.

Our States are Nations.

Our States require one singular political status — one nationhood.

You can’t be part of the Algonquin Nation and serving as part of the Wisconsin Assembly for the same reason that you can’t belong to the Texas Assembly and the Wisconsin Assembly at the same time, and for the same reason that you can’t be a US Citizen and a State Citizen at the same time.

One means one. Singular means singular. No other allegiances or political statuses are allowed while adopting American State Citizenship and running a State Assembly.

Actual Native Americans have always been free of taxation and are Constitutionally guaranteed that. It has nothing to do with belonging to a trust and everything to do with meeting the Federal definition of “native”. Last I heard, that requires at least one-eighth native DNA.

Tribes can adopt white people as friends and family within their own community but this makes no difference to Washington, DC. White people can belong to tribes if they wish, but they get no tax or other benefits and won’t be recognized as Natives by the Federal Government.

White people claiming tax exemption or other “Federal benefits” as Tribal Members are regularly prosecuted for tax evasion and fraud— and they should be. What is given to one should not be claimed by another.

So if you are Native, there are some advantages to being Native, but there are also downsides, too. Native Tribes are under a condition of Dependent Sovereignty. As a result, all Native Tribal Members are (with a few exceptions) considered United States Citizens and citizens of the United States.

This precludes them from accepting Tribal status and benefits and State Citizenship at the same time.

We have noted and formally declared that our States of the Union accept people of all races, kinds, colors, and ethnicity without prejudice, meaning that so far as our States are concerned Natives are as welcome as anyone else to embrace the protections and benefits of State Citizenship.

But also like everyone else, once you step over the fence, you are no longer eligible to receive emoluments from any foreign government and participate in a State Government at the same time.


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