Internet is on fire about the situation in Virginia!

Posted By: GeorgeEaton [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 13-Dec-2019

Quote from glp thread:
“Told all of you this was coming. We the people are more prepared than anyone knows. Guess where 3/4 of all retired special ops veterans moved to in the last two years. Here where the revolution first began. Here where the boogaloo begins. I am in the middle of all this. I am so proud of my brothers and sisters. We will March as we did before so we do again. To all, the sycophants, the shills, and lovers of tyranny I know you watch this forum. We stomp our own snakes here in Virginia. A thousand years from now this moment will be speaking about in reverence. YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT’S COMING. De Oppresso Liber”.


My comment: This situation has the potential to get out of control. At last count, 80 of 90 counties in Virginia have declared their counties as sanctuary zones for the Second Amendment. The democrat state officials are saying they will send out troops to arrest citizens for new gun law violations and seize guns door to door. At no time in US history have I witnessed a more polarizing event happen in the US. I wasn’t sure there would be an event like this so clear to the people that would so effectively ignite the flames of liberty – that would cause Americans to take up arms so quickly to defend the Constitution. This is also surprising since it is happening in the state of Virginia, which is an eastern state and close to DC. This may show the liberals that they don’t have the people behind them like they thought they had. The gatherings of people in county and city meetings is getting hundreds of thousands of people in an uproar. And the patriotic citizens in other states are ready to bring their guns to Virginia and march on the capital. That is how hot this issue is. Virginia law enforcement and the military is siding with the people. Unless the state officials reverse their course they will not win this war of words. And this upsurge in patriotism could spread across the nation to other states.
Unfortunately, so far Trump has not sent out one tweet on this controversy and, people are wondering where he stands on the issue. If he wants to join forces with real patriots who are on the right side of a Constitutional issue, this is a prime time to make his stand clear to the nation. For years the liberals have been eroding the power of the Second Amendment and the citizens have worked around the issues and avoided confrontation. But this recent announcement by the Virginia state government has had an opposite effect they probably did not expect. If they were wanting to find out how far they could go before the people would make a stand, they now have their answer. An avalanche of support is coming in nationwide on this issue to the point that a movement that large and that powerful can not easily be swayed or stopped. This is also happening in an election year and the backlash will create a landslide of victories for the Republican party. Trump would do well to read the tea leaves carefully, and join the avalanche rather than stand against it.


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