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The Public Charitable Trust

The Public Charitable Trust was created in the wake of the Civil War as a welfare fund for displaced former plantation slaves.

Those who couldn’t make the transition to freedom for whatever reason became dependents of the government and wards of the newly formed Territorial States of States and were considered United States Citizens for that reason.

Sound familiar?

In the 1930’s the Dust Bowl and the Depression combined threw millions of Americans out of work. So, FDR went to the Governors of the Territorial States of States and they “pledged” — notice the feudal terminology, “pledged” — the “good faith and credit” of “their States and the citizenry thereof”.

So whatever assets the Territorial States of States could claim for themselves, and the assets of all their citizens were thrown “into the pot” —the “pot” being the Public Charitable Trust (PCT). The County Attorneys became the local comptrollers, of the PCT and they still are.

This welfare fund is above and beyond anything that we commonly think of as “Public Assistance”.

As the Depression rolled on more and more people accepted public welfare benefits and were conscripted as dependents of the Federal Government and re-classified as United States Citizens as a result. Unknown to them, their assets — their Good Names, bodies, anything they owned — were drawn into this scheme and presumed to be “donated” to the PCT in exactly the same way former plantation slaves were drawn into this status. Whatever they possessed that was attached to their names from then on was seized upon and added to the Public Charitable Trust, too.

All these people were then labeled as “Paupers” and added to the roles of the Commonwealth. This is where the Church gets into the mix.

Under the Commonwealth system, the King donates wasteland and waste people (Paupers) to the Church as the Caretaker. The Church received title to these otherwise unprofitable resources — human and otherwise — and is then responsible for managing them and developing them for profit used to support them. In the ancient feudal system, the Church created common pastures, community orchards, dairies, apiaries, etc., etc., on wasteland using labor “donated” by the Paupers who were able to work. This was a benefit to both the King, who was relieved of social welfare costs and upkeep of barren land, and the Church, which received resources for free that it could utilize, control, and profit therefrom.

So this is where the STRAWMAN entities come in. These entities are created under the Commonwealth system by the Municipal Government run by the Roman Catholic Church. The goal is still the same — to make use of resources that would otherwise be wasted, and develop them to make a profit for charitable relief, or in this case, contribute back into the Public Charitable Trust.

So around and around it goes with the King’s Territorial Government and their States of States conscripting the victims, whether they are actually Paupers or not, and whether or not they are actually Dependents of the Territorial Government, rebranding them as United States Citizens, and then handing their names and whatever assets are attached to their names over to the Municipal Government, which in turn takes over the “waste properties” and creates the various STRAWMAN entities as Commonwealth franchises being managed for the profit of the Public Charitable Trust.

Your NAME in its FIRST LAST form is literally a Public Charitable Subtrust in this system.

And now you can see how they are “borrowing” your resources and making totally insupportable legal presumptions about you to enrich themselves and pay the costs of “public charity” out of your pockets instead of their own.

Not only were you misidentified as a United States Citizen you were also misidentified as a Pauper too. Your Good Name and Estate were seized upon under false pretenses and “presumed” to be property belonging to the Public Charitable Trust to be managed as the Municipal Government saw fit to turn a profit for your upkeep.

And this is, for the vast majority of us, pure bunko and fraud, having no connection to actuality. Yet they have stolen your identity and conscripted you and your assets without your knowledge or consent and this has been going on 24/7 “in the background” since the 1930”s, with only the perpetrators knowing about and profiting from all this fraud and secretive investment of our purportedly pooled resources ever since.

Now, obviously, they had to leave themselves a way out of this system –and they did: the Expatriation Act, which allows us to extract ourselves from any undesired political status. This, our formal Expatriation from any presumed or conferred status as a United States Citizen or Citizen of the United States — coupled with our explicit and public declaration of homestead and permanent domicile on the land and soil of an actual State, which overcomes their False Claims.

The problem remains of how to extract back all of the time, money, and resources these vampires have already sucked out of us in the name of taking care of us?

Our Lawful Persons which they could not touch, are the Landlords of this Country, so once we are back standing on the land jurisdiction we are in a position to deal with these issues.

To start with, we have a $25 Trillion Dollar National Credit that is owed to us as a result of the Fiat Monetary System they imposed on everyone.

We have State Land Trusts that are ours and which they do not have any business administering.

We have gold and silver assets deposited all over the world which they “attached” under false pretenses, too.

It is well past time for these issues to be addressed and for the restoration of our lawful government.

Once you declare that you are back and firmly standing on the land of your State, it’s time to start reclaiming your assets and payback from the Public Charitable Trust.

But how, you ask, can you take back anything you are owed from the Public Charitable Trust without appearing to be a Pauper seeking benefits and getting messed up with all that again?

It is rather like wrestling with a skunk, isn’t it?

The answer is that every time we take back our credit or claim our exemption from their system of things we issue a Disclaimer simply saying that “We accept all gifts and waive all benefits.”

Remember that they told us that all these THINGS they attached to you are gifts? Well, take them at their word.

Accepting all gifts and waiving all benefits explicitly prevents them from claiming that you are seeking benefits and precludes any attempt to continue to identify you as a Pauper seeking benefits to conscript you again.

This system has been secretively churning away since the 1930’s and not everyone was dead asleep or a traitor. Congressman Louis T. McFadden filed charges against the members of Congress for doing this, with the House Judiciary Subcommittee and those charges still stand. To avoid the consequences, Congress had to offer Remedy which stands as Chapter 48, 48 Stat 112, Public Law and part of the United States Statutes-at-Large.

We are going to make use of that remedy to reclaim trillions of dollars worth of credit owed to the American People and bring relief and remedy to millions of families, but first, everyone must be educated about this history and the issues involved.

We must make the effort to reclaim our birthright political status. We must discipline ourselves with regard to the Reclamation and Redemption process so that we are found to be honest people, seeking only what is needed, fair, and right.

By doing this and by teaching others to do the same, we can grow roses from this manure pile and make it into a blessing instead of a curse — a blessing that can last for many generations to come.

The Backstory

How Does This Program Work?

The US National Debt is approximately 25 trillion dollars. This debt is owed by United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States.

Approximately 90% of this debt is owed to American State Citizens and American State Nationals, with the remainder being trade deficits and other forms of debt owed to other countries, primarily to China.

The DOD (Department of Defense) has discovered a credit of approximately 21 trillion dollars on its books. This is the National Credit owed to the American States and People.
This credit accrued over nearly one-hundred years during which generations of Americans exchanged their labor and goods for paper I.O.U.’s issued by the Federal Reserve.

When the DOD issues a Credit Voucher to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to offset Debts presented for payment by American State Nationals or American State Citizens, the US National Debt is decreased by the amount of the Voucher.

If, however, the DOD issues a Credit Voucher to pay off Debts presented for payment by United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, the net effect is to increase the US National Debt, plus additional interest.

When our National Credit is accessed by American State Nationals and American State Citizens and applied to their debts, the US National Debt decreases and US Credit Rating is restored.

As this National Credit is already accrued, allowing American State Nationals and American State Citizens to access it does not represent any new expense or burden to the US. It’s simply bookkeeping which needs to be done and which relieves everyone of debt.

It relieves American State Nationals and American State Citizens of odious debts by canceling those debts using already accrued National Credit, and it relieves United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States of their National Debt burden at the same time.

Everyone wins. Nobody loses. So why isn’t it being done as of yesterday?

Answer: first, many American State Nationals and American State Citizens were and are being deliberately misidentified as United States Citizens and/or Citizens of the United States, making them ineligible to receive the Credit Offset.

Second, many United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States continued and continue to mindlessly indebt themselves, racking up not only debt, but interest charges to boot.

Third, although the Department of Defense did ultimately come clean about the existence of the National Credit, they have not had the authority to correct the situation.

Only we, the living people, have the Answer : everyone who is eligible to reclaim their birthright political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens, have the answer.

Do the paperwork we’ve outlined, record your claims, when you are finished with those steps, go to our new website,, as soon as it is available, sign up to receive more information and then collect evidence of debt owed by the STRAWMAN — mortgages, college loans, utility bills, wherever the all-capital-letter name of the STRAWMAN account shows up.

These are all debts that are owed mutual offset credit exemption exchange — that is, cancellation by Credit Voucher.

As these debts are canceled against the National Credit that Americans are already owed, the US National Debt burden is relieved as a result of the same transaction.

Learn more about the Remedy for The Great Fraud.

The time has now come for Americans to wake up, restore their lawful government on the land, enforce the Organic and Public Law of this Country, and put the facts before all people, including our own.

Reclaim the Credit that you are owed — peacefully, lovingly, and lawfully.


From Sign In America – National Debt Relief available on

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