Straight Talk for Tony, From Ernest and Me…

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Straight Talk for Tony, From Ernest and Me…..

Get serious, guys. Here is why [the Democrats didn’t impeach Obummer for his crimes.]

Antonio Gramsci, Karl Marx, and Freud combined plans to destroy western culture. It’s called: Cultural Marxism=Political Correctness.

They formed a plan to implement this scheme in Frankfurt, Germany. Hence, the Frankfurt “School” and the Frankfurt Plan. [This is really old news— so old you might have missed it.]

The Frankfurt School’s Eleven Point Plan.

1) The Creation of racism offenses. [Remember how everyone was dubbed a “racist” by the Demon-c-rats?]

2) Continual change to create confusion. [Do you feel like you are in a Mix Master?]

3) The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children. [Uh-huh]

4) The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority. [CPS comes in and steals your kids if you discipline them and its worse for teachers. Yep.]

5) Huge immigration to destroy identity. [So…..what has already happened in Europe and trying to happen here?]

6) The promotion of excessive drinking. [And drugging, too.]

7) Emptying of churches. [By undermining their credibility and commandeering their leadership and assets.]

8) An unreliable legal system with bias against crime victims. [Oh, boy, you think???}

9) Dependency on the state or state benefits. [How many people on the dole after Obummer cut their jobs and increased their cost of living?]

10) Control and dumbing down media. [Watch five minutes of any “news” program. Check to see if you heard any actual news…..]

Okay, anyone out there got any questions? Pope Francis is an avowed Cultural Marxist, which means he has no culture in mind at all, just destruction of everything, as outlined above.

The Roman Catholic Church has got to get rid of him and the Cardinal Bishops supporting him, or the whole world as we know it will blow.

And they, the Roman Catholic Church, will go up in smoke, right along with everything else.

The RCC will be destroyed and all the other churches that have been dumb enough to incorporate themselves in order to avoid taxes they were already exempt from.

So to all Americans reading this and all members of churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church — there IS a reason why all this crap is happening, and we all officially know now what it is. It has a name: Cultural Marxism.

So, too, our mission is to destroy “Cultural Marxism” at its roots — to attack it and its reason for being, and attack anyone caught espousing it, high or low on the totem pole. From the Pope on down. Right or left. Rich or poor. They have to go.

And it is not negotiable. Either we stand up for ourselves and for our culture, or these closet Anarchists will destroy all cultures and leave the people of the Earth with nothing — no framework, no agreed-upon standard of morality, nothing.

Nancy Pelosi and all her little pals have to go. The sooner the better. Time for the rest of us to move into her district and go door to door and talk to people about what she is doing in their names—-and see how long she lasts on Capitol Hill.

Let’s target The Big Bitch and send her to you-know-where politically.

Let’s put the hammer down and expose, expose, expose so that every drunk and dumb cluck in this country knows what “Cultural Marxism” is and knows how they and their country have been targeted. And by whom and by what.


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