About The Virginia Gun Grab — It’s This Simple

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

About The Virginia Gun Grab — It’s This Simple

Citizens of the Territorial United States– called “United States Citizens” (which is legitimately the actual Territories and Possessions and not any Territorial States of States) like Puerto Ricans, have never been covered by any Constitutional Guarantees.

So they have no “right” to “keep and bear arms”, either.

Ditto “citizens of the [Municipal] United States” — the denizens of Washington, DC and the District of Columbia. They are not covered by any Constitutional guarantees, either.

Both these populations are subject to foreign law.

The “United States” [Territorial Citizens] are subject to Federal Code and Statutory Law.

The “citizens of the United States” [Municipal Citizens] are subject to Municipal Law and Uniform Commercial Code.

Neither one of these kinds of “US” citizen have any Constitutional rights or guarantees at all, and never have had any.

So— who and what are you? Well, you are a State Citizen of The United States of America — a whole different kind of animal, and yes, you do have guarantees under the Constitutions, but you have been misidentified as one of these other critters. And you will have to prove that you are NOT one of these other kinds of “citizen” to uphold and claim your constitutional guarantees.

The easiest way to rebut claims that you are party to a consensual contact and to prove that you are indeed the victim of unconscionable contracting processes, is to produce a copy of “YOUR” birth certificate, which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that you were misidentified and “seized upon” as a United States Citizen and subsequently as a “citizen of the United States” when you were only a few days or weeks old.

This results in what is known as an unconscionable contract — literally, a contract that has been executed without your conscious knowledge, and which is as a result, defective in the extreme, invalidated, null and void from inception.

This unconscionable contract identifying you as a Federal Citizen and the Legal Presumptions resulting from it including the creation of “federal” corporate CITIZENS operating in YOUR NAME has no weight in reality and cannot be used against you, so long as you stand on your own two feet and say, “No, I didn’t consent to this or even know about it until recently. I don’t choose to adopt any form of Federal Citizenship and have no need to do so.”

And that, my dears, puts you back on Terra Firma — the land of your actual birth — and puts the lie to all their self-interested constructive fraud schemes. However, it is best if you get your declaration on the public record by: (1) publishing it in the newspaper or (2) recording it “for” the public record, BEFORE you have any altercation or dispute with these foreign renegades.

To all those in Virginia, inform the Governor of your actual political status as American State Nationals of Virginia (the actual State, not a State of State, not a Commonwealth). You could just get together and publish this as a newspaper ad with all your names listed, demanding recognition and adherence to the Constitution.

The Governor can do whatever he likes to Federal Citizens, but with you, he has to backwater.

Make sure to force him to do so peacefully and lawfully, by declaring — in public — your correct political status, and standing ready to knowledgeably repudiate the false “unconscionable” contract that your Mother unwittingly signed and which allowed them to misidentify you as a Federal Citizen — either as a Territorial United States Citizen (like someone born in Puerto Rico) or as a Municipal “citizen of the United States” (like a Federal Civil Service Employee or a US Corporation).


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