More Useless Noise from TROH….

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

More Useless Noise from TROH….

Once again, I am being asked about Keith Livingway and his weird unauthorized organization pretending to be The United States of America, Incorporated.

There is no such corporation authorized by the actual government of this country— not now, and not in 1868 and not in 1907 and not in 1933…. and it really does not matter what anyone says or does to the contrary, because it is plain and solid on the public record that this government is a living government, not an incorporated government. Period.

Our actual government is government of, for, and by the people of this country.

It has nothing to do with any foreign corporations being operated by foreigners “in our names” and we specifically, loudly, and officially denounce all such claims and pretensions, including those advanced by Keith Livingway and his weird “Reign of Heaven” organization.

Keith went to a Naval Yard sale and bought memorabilia left over from the bankruptcy of the Scottish Interloper and its bankruptcy in 1907. He thought (only God knows how) that he had purchased the whole country because he bought this flotsam.

No matter what the law actually requires and no matter what logic requires, he and his whole group of Insane Persons persist in pretending that this “claim on abandonment” somehow magically gave them the correct political status and standing to act as the government of this country.

Self-evidently, their “claim on abandonment” to the bankrupt and long-defunct Scottish Interloper is ridiculous, and also self-evidently, they are not even attempting to correct their “presumed” political status and standing to enable themselves to act as the actual living government of this country.

They are simply acting as international pirates like the original brigands and trying to make a hard sell to fool ignorant and misinformed people, but we are not fooled and we are not amused.


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