Ridiculous Excuses

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Ridiculous Excuses

Begin with the little-known and vastly under-appreciated fact that America has a hundred times more natural crude oil than Saudi Arabia.

Do we need to fight with Saudi Arabia over oil or anything else?


The people who need to meddle in the Middle East are the Europeans who actually are dependent on oil and gas from the Middle East and Asia Minor—and of course, Israel, which keeps banging on our door to assure their continued existence.

So it comes as no surprise that, once again, Great Britain and various other Players, are attempting to use American Muscle to get what they need and to Hell with what we need.

Mr. Trump is being tempted with a fat Mercenary Contract and pressured by the rats withholding money that is actually owed to us from his Administration.

This is why he needs to enter the actual Power Holder Office and work directly for us instead of acting as a lackey under “Powers Delegated” through the Pope and the Queen.

He is supposed to be acting as our President of The United States of America and directing the operations in our behalf.

Instead, he is acting as President of “the” United States of America and subjecting himself to the Queen, and as President of “the” United States and subjecting himself to the Pope.

If he would just get his own political status declaration on the public record, he could enter the correct office and access all the money and credit that both the Queen and the Pope already owe to us.

And not be coerced and manipulated by Europe and Israel anymore. He could simply do what he considers to be best for us, and for the world, and take care of everyone’s actual needs without scrabbling and warring over oil transport costs.

And wouldn’t that be a refreshing?


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