The Gra-El Kings and Greg Hallett’s [Weird] Declaration

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The Gra-El Kings and Greg Hallett’s [Weird] Declaration

Among the other extraordinary claims made by this Australian Grandmaster and erstwhile British Noble complete with titles, etc., is a recent public recording in which he, Hallett, claims to be a Gra-El King, and to be the — get this — Posthumous Progeny of Queen Anne Boleyn.

Now, I regularly have to deal with a lot of weird stuff and ancient history and claims from people claiming to be everything from God to Rosie the Riveter. I even have to deal with alien technology and yes, what most people would consider “aliens” though, in fact, the Other Beings referenced have been here all along, and often a lot longer than we have.

From their perspective, we are the New Comers.

In full view of how strange the world can actually be, and in all the years I have been plodding my way through it, I do think Gregory Hallett’s claim takes the cake.

Imagine this—- after Anne’s guiltless and untimely death, her headless body was salvaged, DNA was extracted from her cadaver, and used to create children of Anne Boleyn. According to Greg, he’s one of the progeny.

They still wouldn’t have been sons of King Henry VIII. But who cares?

I digress.

It is entirely possible to recapture DNA from cadavers and use it to incubate a human baby. How do you think the original Homo Sapien strain was kept alive, when 99% of the females died giving birth? Doesn’t the Bible tell you that the True God can raise up sons of Abraham from rocks?

Ironically, that isn’t even the wildest part of this particular declaration. It’s his claim to be a Gra-El King.

I used that style of the name, “Gra -El” in an article, a few months back, and so far as I know, that is the first time that name has appeared in print. Ever.

I did that to point out that these Kings are “El” — as in “Elohim”. They are not human.

They are members of the Elder Race of Sirius B, the priest-scientists called the “All-Seeing”, the ones who bred the Seraphs, and whose DNA is part of our own — the part that makes the miracle of a warm-blooded amphibian possible. Some people have called it “the God gene”, and so it is.

So, to be a Gra-El King, Greg Hallett would have to be a scion of the All-Seeing.

Let’s describe the Gra-El Kings — they are very tall, very pale, and in their youth — which can last thousands of years — they have an abundance of fine, soft, wavy, dark auburn (red-brown) hair. It is a truly beautiful but strikingly different color, so different that if you ever see it, you will notice it. It’s not brown. It’s not red. It’s like Cherry Cola shot through with sunshine.

You will stop. You will look. You will take note. It may not strike you as anything too horribly odd, but you will notice their hair color if you ever see a young Gra-El King.

The other things you will notice right off are their eyes and their mouths.

Their eyes are pale aqua with dark blue rings around the iris, and flecks of gold that make their blue eyes appear green in some light. Again, there is nothing truly odd about this, but their eyes, like their hair, are a very striking color.

Their mouths are finely sculpted, with a flat spot on the lower lip, and overall in the shape of a “Cupid’s Bow”.

Today, the progeny of the All-Seeing left on Earth are pretty much limited to a few small areas in Austria-Hungary, Ireland, and Croatia. The traits come through the Paternal line, and once in a great while, there will be a true “throwback” to the All-Seeing.

There is a mysterious young man that I have seen in London with his Italian-Irish Mother, who is the spitting image of a Gra-El King, but he entirely lacks the gentle and caring nature of the All-Seeing, and if he has the All-Seeing gifts, he is not using them for good purposes. To me, he brought to mind the young Uther Pendragon, ready to spite the world.

Nonetheless, I had occasion to attend a public function with him and his Mother, and it would not be an overstatement to say that when he walked in, every head in the room turned and you could hear an audible intake of breath.

On Earth, the remaining progeny of the All-Seeing tend to age rapidly and live short lives. Their dark auburn hair starts turning pure white around the age of thirty, and by forty-five, they will be completely white-haired—-though still having youthful-looking faces.

I am giving you this description so that when someone says he is a Gra-El King you will know what one looks like, but that is not even the defining characteristic of the Gra-El. The defining characteristic of the Gra-El is the fact that they are literally “All-Seeing”.

Like Jesus.

For real.

It is traditional to paint Mary Magdalene with dark red hair, and I often hear theories about her being the “Holy Grail”, but they are missing the point, in a “chicken or egg” way. Mary Magdalene could have been a descendant of the All-Seeing —- the Gra-El, not the Grail.

That would certainly explain why she alone had the certain knowledge that Jesus was going to his death in Jerusalem. And the red hair.


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