Basic Roll Back — The Old, Old Ways

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Basic Roll Back — The Old, Old Ways

Because we live in what is essentially an infinite morphogenic information field, nothing and nobody ever really dies. We remain in intimate contact and the only thing that keeps us all from perceiving that, is the relatively dense energy required to sustain a physical presence.

My description of your body as a space suit is exact.

But even as you inhabit your space suit, you are moving not through time, but through an infinite dialectic field, called The Great Dipole. The Zero Point for this infinite dialectic field is localized in each one of us, so there is always a point that is absolutely still and around that point is an octahedron-shaped energy field. Imagine two pyramids glued together at the bottom, capstones aligned but facing exactly opposite directions.

So there your consciousness sits, perfectly motionless like an ant in amber, embedded in this endlessly flowing magnetic field, connected to all the other little octahedron-shaped, induced and inverted Zero Point fields, that have ever existed or ever will exist.
We are all connected. And not only to each other. To every other bit of ordered energy in the Universe.

So what I have just told you is probably not comforting, even if you succeed in visualizing the situation— but it should be comforting. For one thing, death and all its trappings, its illusions, its terrible sense of loss and separation — is all fake.

In the British Isles an ancient Stone Age religion has persisted through tens of thousands of years. Locally, this is known as the “Old Ways” and as you travel through Britain you soon realize that what is meant by the “Old Ways” in the South or the East is substantially different from what it means in the West and the North, with the Oldest of the Old Ways being retained in the most northerly and westerly places, where the air is grey and the wind is sharp.

French and Roman Magic, Tarot cards, and astrological traditions brought from the East have meshed and merged over the course of the centuries and married into local knowledge of the Earth and the herbs and the seasons in the South and the East of England, and their presence or absence forms a Great Divide going through the middle of England, striking straight north-south along the middle Ley Line through Ancient Powys and Somerset.

Cross the Magic Line to the West and you enter one Tradition, cross it to the East and you enter another. Inevitably, I suppose, one feels drawn to the landscape of the Magic that is closest in tune to your own.

The fundamental basis of this supremely ancient religion shares certain elements in common. The course of life for both sexes is divided into three stages. For women, this is described as: Maid, Mother, and Crone. For men, it is described as: Boy, Man, and Sage.

So there are six variations, and among them, both light and dark. Meaning that you can choose at each stage of your life the path you will follow, either the Right-hand Path of White Magic, or the Left-hand Path of Dark Magic.

This creates a total of twelve possible major variations built into our life cycle, and each one of these is associated with numbers and herbs and trees and jewels and seasons, foods, and runes, and metals, colors, totem birds and totem animals, signs and symbols, forms of water, flowers, and the twelve constellations in the sky.

It’s a very comprehensive vision of physical experience and affiliations within our relationships, and within the scope of the Old Ways and the Old, Old Ways, there is no disconnect at all. Life flows seamlessly into death and into life and into death in a never-ending river of experience, and being “alive” or being “dead” is only a relative condition, a matter of wearing a spacesuit or not.

You are not separated from your totem animal, your tree, or your names — which are kept extremely private — or anything else.  Ever.

Our experience travels through these twelve houses, lifetime after lifetime, each experience of life adding to our understanding of life, and hopefully, to our compassion and self-knowledge.

After many lifetimes and the experience of many conditions and passing of many tests, you finally get to the point where you are able to remember who you are from lifetime to lifetime, and know your past history. This has the effect of “resurrecting the dead” as you come to terms with and remember all the lifetimes you have ever lived, all the deaths you’ve ever died, skills you’ve developed, and all the people you have ever loved or ever hated.

This also opens your eyes to the “occult” which simply means “what is hidden”.

Well, it’s not really hidden. It’s in plain view. But perceiving it, recognizing it for what it is, is a different matter.

The Old, Old Ways are singularly devoted to Truth and Natural Law, the discovery of our connection to all Creation, the mysteries of life and death, and the elemental powers. This is High Magic, crystalline and clear, which is not “magic” in the sense of Fakirs and sideshows, but which is the fruit of a very long search for Truth.

What they call the “Old Ways” in the South and East of England are actually much more modern hybrids, more in the line of Harry Potter, and in keeping with the lusher environment of the South and East of the British Isles, more attuned to Green Magic, or what adepts call Low Magic, of the Farmers and Housewives.

This pagan Celtic religion and the system of law resulting from it, is the foundation of Law throughout the West. It vastly pre-dates Judeo-Christian Law, Roman Law, Babylonian Law, Greek Law, Egyptian Law or anything else — all these other systems having been tossed on top of it like whipped cream and so many cherries.

In our house-cleaning effort we’ve swept away the cobwebs back to the foundations of the world as we know it, and got down to the actual floor.

As we are tasked to rebuild our world, it’s important that we know the actual foundation we are standing on and examine it with our eyes and hearts.


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