To the May Queen:

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

To the May Queen:

This note is addressed through Bathsheba and will be understood by those who need to know:________

My dear,

It is best always to remember Merlin’s prophecy.

The White Snake has no power over the Red Dragon and fighting will not change that.

The Seals have been broken. The Blessed have returned. It’s time for celebration.

If, as you say, you want the original Treaty of Peace with the Devics honored, that is much in our way of thinking, too.

If, as you say, you want the greatness of Scotland honored, that, too, is easy to respect and arrange.

Nothing you have suggested seems outlandish or wrong or improper — except the idea that six billion people have to die in order to bring this planet back into balance.

Cooperatively, we have the technology and know-how to repair every aspect of the natural environment and resolve the waste management problems, too.

As for the broken economic and banking system, we have all the answers for that, also. King Darren has already agreed.

Killing six billion people would cause a vast labor shortage if the object is to turn the Earth back into a garden space and create peace. And if that is not the goal that unites us, what is?

You know as well as I do that such a catastrophe would create no enduring peace. Quite the opposite.

That said, let go that one contention, and the rest is easy. The Great Dipole is complete. The Heavenly Host is content. The Interstice is cleared. The Ancient Kingdoms are restored.

There is nothing left, except your peace— and while I cannot grant your desire to have the Romanovs live again, or return the child you once were, my Father can.

In view of all you have been given and the kindness of life within you, is it really such a stretch to trust the Lord and Giver of Life to “make all things new”? Even them? Even you?


  • Anna von Reitz There are people who have spent their lives invested in a “dream” that includes removing six billion people. They are motivated by false conclusions that have been fed to them from various sources. This is the final hurdle — convincing them that it isn’t necessary or desirable and isn’t going to be accepted without a fight.
  • Like the climate hoax, the conclusion that six billion people have to die or otherwise be “removed” has been built on false assumptions.
  • There are treaties that we owe that we were never told about, but none of that is so terribly contentious or important. The important part now is coming to agreement about this one crucial issue. And resolved in favor of keeping everyone around.


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