Meet your eyes too

Meet your eyes too
“Seek and you will find, do not and forever be blind.  by Robert-dean:House
It was a clear crisp morning as I drove East on Hwy 53 in Northern Minnesota from the home driveway one mile East of the little town of Ray.  I was en route to Hibbing to take an entrance exam for a Law Enforcement Course.
About six miles down the road and rolling at the 55 MPH speed limit, I rose over a hill just west of the Lake Kabtogoma road entrance to the north.  From the crest of the hill, I saw a water truck parked to the right of the road upon the paved shoulder.  It appeared to be putting into or taking from the water within the ditch.  Alongside of it was a smaller vehicle parked in my lane which appeared in the morning sun to be headed in my direction.  To not interfere with whatever business they were into, I turned on my left turn signal as I entered the clear left lane to execute a pass as I slowed slightly.  Just moments before the approach I saw that the vehicle was, in fact, facing me.  I expected the driver to see the turn signal and hold his position but he did not and was pulling back into his West bond lane.  I had only a second to react.  Ether hit the water truck with two guys near it or hit the little car head-on. Everything seemed to have slowed down to give me the time and thought that if I conduct the right maneuver I could aim my right bumper to his left bumper thus turning the impact into a type of a ricochet which would slow my vehicle and to keep it upon the pavement and minimize the damage to his vehicle or at least to the people involved.
Then we hit, as I planed it.  His vehicle was tossed and settled facing the east and I was slowed by the impact and stopped just yards ahead of him on the pavement facing the east.  I was unharmed, as hard as it was to believe.  The two water truck guys were helping the others that seemed o.k.  There were two males and a female in the other car.
Later I found out that the driver was a three-time D.U.I. and had no license and was my mother’s best friend’s nephew, the girl a miner and the other guy a friend of the drivers.  All three spent the night before at the Woodenfrog park campground.  And the two water guys witnessed one of them through a part empty case of beer into the ditch near their truck.  I was cleared of any charges as the other driver who suffered a broken jaw was charged and one of the other two had a broken arm, I do not recall which.  My truck had fully recovered from the disabling damage to the front end.  Life continued.
I feel this insight, like Anna’s, “Meet Your Eyes”, today as I have freed myself from the Corporate Government control and into the Self Governance.  Even as I explain the Status change to others, I can see their doubt and fear of doing so.  The fear of being an odd man out or a black sheep as my Grandmother used to call me.  It has become very difficult to explain to others of having the true connection to the truth and the light and comfort that the truth bears.
I believe that if all people would just believe in the power we all have and learn to avoid the fears that they too will get this great feeling and insight.
I have given notice to the Sheriff, Secretary of State, Fl. and D.C., FLHSMV, (DMV), Clerk of Court, Tax Collector, via affidavit of their doing business as Corporations under D-U-N-S numbers for a profit by deceiving the people to getting them to consent to doing business with them or suffer the consequences.
The expired September tags I still have on my Automobiles are still there even though I have created and copyright / patented others for the simple reason that those tags still come up in the LEO’s computer instructing them to not engage.  Should I use none at all or the others I made, would cause the LEO’s to conduct an investigation as to ownership, etc.  I am still waiting for one of them to give me a written contract invite to pay a fine or see a judge. within 30 days, for which I intend to void out via affidavit of no contract.  I can not prove that what I have accomplished because they are not going to give me an award of achievement or handshake thank you, “you figured it out”.   They have been behind me as I drove down the highway with no seat belt on, your choice, and expired tags but they run the tag before making the stop, and within 3-4 minutes just go about their own business.
A friend just received a notice in the mail of her vehicle registration being expired a few days after it had expired.  This is their routine, however, I have not received one for within the affidavit I had warned them about using the mail for their deceitful fraud.
I have created my own I.D. which has been accepted at the bank for the Notary, at the recycling plant, at stores, etc.  Under Self Governance one needs not have to contract with the Corporate DeFacto Government as a non-citizen and under The Law of Nations, there no Laws Impairing the Obligation of Contracts.
Just overcome the FEAR. Do not attempt this as a Citizen.  Do the required Status Change and give them notice.
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