Flight patterns…B.S.

Flight patterns…B.S.  by Robert-dean:House
As always it is not just what they say and do, it is what they do not say or do.  What will happen if the compass was to pass from left to right or top to bottom of the map over the magnet?   You guessed it.  It would flip over as it passed over the center.  Always pointing to that magnet.
Mr. Eicher, can you also explain why any airline would want to take the longest route over the south pole to reach any other destination on the globe?
Once a plan flies over the poles the compass will flip.  It will go spastic until it flips.
I flew from Calf. to Hawaii and back.  Each time at 33,000 feet and one can see the curvature of the globe.  And yes, travel is restricted to the south pole or Antarctica due to all the new discoveries there.  And what about all the satellites with cameras?
And by the way, should you have done the proper research on the flat map created in 1892, you would have discovered the truth.  The map was created to show the globe on a flat plain.
Mr. Eicher, you and all your followers need to do me a favor. Go back to the 1400s, board a ship and sail the hell of the end of the flat earth.
David, please, no more…
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