Is there a plan to kick out the USA CORPORATION?

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

[Anna when will all this madness end? Is there a time line? i hope it will be before the elections; I would kinda get on with my life. Gen Dunford has moved on with his life.]

Is there a plan to kick out the USA CORPORATION?

  • The point isn’t to kick out the USA CORPORATION. The point is to uplift and restore the actual Federation of States — The United States of America [Unincorporated] and get our own fully restored government in gear.
  • I am so sick of people milling around like helpless steers in a feedlot when the work to be done is still hanging and right in front of them. How simple is this? (1) Do the paperwork to reclaim and control your identity as an American; (2) Join and support your State Assembly; (3) Conduct your Public Elections and set up your civilian Courts — elect your Lawul Sheriff, your Justice of the Peace, your Coroner — and fill your Jury Pools. Once you do, these foreign courts have nothing to say to you, and with respect to you and your property assets and those of other Americans, this is the quickest, surest way to shut the privateers down.
  • There is already a standing decision about this situation: Milligan Ex Parte. When we set up and use our civilian courts, the quasi-military courts have to stand off and leave us to our business.
  • And our law.


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